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News‑2‑You is a weekly newspaper connecting students with special needs to the world around them, enabling them to expand their horizons and engage in relevant current events topics. A supplementary tool for literacy and learning, News‑2‑You gives students the opportunity to have conversations both in and out of the classroom about relevant topics of the day. It also forms a strong school-to-home connection through Class News—a feature that allows students to create their own newspapers. News-2-You is available as a website or an app for tablets.

News-2-You Review

News-2-You is the app version of a symbols-based newspaper for kids with special needs. It includes the symbols system and voices used in the augmentative and alternative communication app Proloquo2Go. The app benefits kids who have difficulty reading the written word. Picture symbols and voice help kids hear and see text and visuals. There's a new edition for every week of the typical U.S. school year, and it covers current events topics like popular movies, sporting events, holidays, environmental issues, and more. 

This special tool brings current events and other newsy tidbits to kids through an easy-to-understand system of symbols and voice recordings, which you can adjust to fit your kid's unique needs. You can also read age-appropriate news from our list of best kids news sites.


  • It connects readers with the world around them through multiple levels of accessible, symbol-supported and text only.
  • News‑2‑You provides access through four reading levels plus a fifth, text-only version. 


  • Read-aloud voice has only one speed. Also, the voice reads by the page or sentence, meaning that users can’t target individual words to practice.

News-2-You is a great tool to bring contemporary curriculum into a special needs classroom. Overall, it’s adaptable and interesting, and the read-aloud and symbol-supported text gives students the support they need. This app is ideal for special needs students, as well as for their parents, teachers, and speech pathologists.


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