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The NEO LMS (Learning Management System) application by Cypher Learning is an award winning application used by schools and universities. The NEO e-learning platform is an educational resource tool for both teacher and student and provides a number of innovative features designed within a beautiful, modern interface for all mobile devices. The app has a number of features that can be created such as classes, assignments, grade book, lesson plans, gamification, learning paths, chat rooms, blogs and so much more. The application also integrates with a wide variety of systems including Google Drive, Google Apps, Calendars, PayPal, Microsoft Office and more. The app supports the e-learning platform and is competitive priced and provides great value for money.

NEO LMS Review

It is noted that the app requires a sign in for you to access the portal. This will be provided by your educational establishment. The application has a wonderful website that supports the product that includes useful guides and tutorial videos. Once the portal has been accessed via a User id or URL and Password the user will enter the dashboard. 

Here on the left hand side you will see a number of menus; Classes, Groups, Dashboard, News, Welcome, Users, Resources and Reports, search and more. Scrolling down you will see displayed classes, users, groups, app centre, resources, enrolments, a calendar, to do list and announcements. Displayed along the top of the dashboard are the messages and notifications. The portal site can be customised to capture a brand feeling and give it a more professional look on the website/app version. Each feature can be configured and disabled where needed. The bottom menu includes a home icon, back and forth icon and a page refresher. Although there is a vast amount of information here, that can be over whelming at first if you are not used to the e-learning platform, the display is clear, precise and uncluttered. The ability to change language from the many options is a superb feature that makes the e-learning platform a truly global product.

The dashboard menu on the left contains the following options;

Classes – A list of classes created, enrolled classes, templates, archived, class creation and much more.

Users – These include administrators, students, friends, parents and teachers.

Groups – Members of particular groups that have been created. By the user with the ability to add and remove.

Resources – A list of resources created in a Locker such as catalogues, uploaded files and school resources.

Reports – This menu contains history, saved and scheduled reports.

Admin – this vast section has some excellent feature such as games, accounts, exports, grade maps and so much more.

It is noted that the menu on the app slightly differs from the menu within the on-line platform. We found that we often got lost within the app due to the number of menus and submenus, however the back and home button saved us on a number of occasions. The developers may consider background colours for the apps menus and sections, many pages look alike. We also noticed that the app displayed some lag and some graphics were aligned incorrectly on a few pages. The possibilities of other sharing platforms could also be increased such as Dropbox or social Media.

Creating a class couldn’t be easier and this can be accessed through the top left menu. Each class has its own area that includes a calendar, grade book, resources, games and much more. In the right bar you can find leader boards, announcements, to-do items and upcoming events. It is noted that the developers can be congratulated on the simple but visually appealing layout of the learning platform. Lessons for a chosen class are listed and can be re-ordered. Each lesson has three sections; Content pages, assignments and school packages. Each lesson can be aligned with proficiencies so students can be tracked and rewarded. We love that students can tracked and rewarded via this platform. Lessons are very easy to create as the navigation is very intuitive. The options within designing a lesson are vast including added many different resources such as audio, video and documents. A class created will generate an Access code that students will use to join the lesson or class.

The assignment and grading section of the dashboard is an excellent feature. The dashboard supports twelve different types of assignment including quizzes, essays, debates, surveys, teams and much more. An assignment that has been set can be analysed by using the analytics. These include proficiencies, completion, grades, not submitted, personalised and more. The depth and detail of this assignment dashboard is excellent. Assignments submitted can viewed on line. We would like to see some kind of interface where the teacher could mark the assignment using a stylus pen to give traditional note form feedback.

The gamification section of the Dashboard allows you to create games were users can gain points and badges by doing certain tasks. The dashboard creates a leader board that encourages competition within the classroom. Students can be rewarded for handing in assignments, completing a learning path, joining a group and more. The developers may consider a feature that enables you to customise badges and badge icons.

The NEO LMS has many other unique features that are far to in-depth to mention. The power of the e-learning platform is incredible and it will add true value to digital e-learning within any educational establishment. The design will keep users engaged and encourage sharing across the portal. This application comes highly recommended by The Educational App Store.

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