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About NCLEX-RN Pocket Prep

NCLEX RN is an app that helps users pass the NCLEX RN exam and enjoy the merits of success.

NCLEX-RN Pocket Prep Review

What do we like about NCLEX RN?

This application can also forecast your chances of passing the NCLEX based on your performance.

What skills does it improve?

This NCLEX app offers practice questions, Mnemonics, a terminology bank, quizzes, and a progress tracker so you can study on the move.

What age is it appropriate for?

NCLEX RN app is appropriate for students preparing for the NCLEX RN exam.

Is NCLEX RN free?

NCLEX RN app is available for free to download on all Android and iOS devices.

Is NCLEX RN easy to use?

There is a tonne of guides, cheat sheets, tutorials, and reviews in the Mastery NCLEX app. It is used by more than two million students to prepare for various NCLEX components. You can pay to upgrade your features even though the core application is free.

How will users benefit?

If your schedule is hectic, NCLEX RN Mastery is a useful resource. You may check your knowledge wherever you are with more than 2,000 exam-style questions. Professors and nursing educators both create the questions. This indicates that those who asked the questions are familiar with the struggles that nursing students face. This app includes in-depth explanations in addition to the questions. It's intended to support you in developing better test-taking techniques so you can ace your exam.

By using the NCLEX Pretest to identify knowledge gaps, quizzes can be created around the certain subject matter. Utilize the NCLEX Posttest performance tool to determine passing percentages. On challenging informational topics, you can watch instructional videos. Expose yourself to nursing jargon and critical reasoning, and gain a deeper understanding of reasoning with professional justifications. Gain confidence by using tried-and-true test-taking strategies, and refer to the in-app library's wealth of video tutorials on particular curriculum areas. Questions that need more details and repetition should be flagged.

What can NCLEX RN improve on?

The app requires hefty subscription fees in order to utilise it.

How much does NCLEX RN cost?

NCLEX RN app is available at the cost of $36 monthly.

Final thoughts

Profit from success with the 300% NCLEX RN pass guarantee from My Mastery. Spend less time studying by marking incorrect questions, reading thorough justifications from a nurse expert, and becoming familiar with cutting-edge test-taking techniques. It is the most thorough yet straightforward method for quickly and confidently passing the NCLEX-RN the first time.

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