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About NCLEX Mastery

NCLEX Mastery is a world class teaching tool that maximizes your results. We are upgrading our app continuously and will be raising the price of this application to scientifically engineered lightning system that teaches you with the fewest possible repetitions - save time, effort and frustration.

NCLEX Mastery Review

NCLEX is a website that deals in providing the necessary tools required for a person to pursue a career in nursing or to get certain qualifications in order to continue and excel further in their career path. This website offers great options for nurses or those who are willing to choose nursing as a viable career path.

It is highly rated by nurses and the website provides great level of detail and proper certification for said nurses. The reviews are very positive and prove that this website helps people achieve their dreams.

NCLEX Mastery offers an application through which you can learn your nursing course and examinations etc. This application also has the feature of providing practice questions. The website claims that it will help you easily pass your exams through a series of practice questions.

The NCLEX is an exam that is necessary for nurses to start their practical, so they have no option but to pass it. The application provides mnemonics that help in memorizing as it is the most comprehensive list available.

The application also offers quizzes. By giving these quizzes, you can evaluate and test yourself to determine whether you’re ready to take the examination. These are quite unique quizzes that contain questions from all categories in order to give you a thorough review of your knowledge and skillset. You are also able to track the progress of your learning journey through the application.

You can use the website to learn all the medical terminologies required for you course and area of interest. You are able to access your work anytime and at any place by simply syncing it with your device; this will provide a seamless experience so that you can give your best in the exam without any hiccups.


  • It has different courses available so that you can take the perfect one for yourself
  • The practice questions make it easier to take exams and help in preparation
  • Quizzes are available that can test your skills and knowledge so you can get the perfect grade
  • Progress can be tracked and monitored through an app
  • Ability to perfect all medical terminology through the application
  • Highly acclaimed by nurses
  • Has many positive online reviews


  • Does not have a refund policy, which might make people reluctant to purchase said program
  • No About Us section, so people can’t get to know the company better

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Android, iPad, iPhone





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