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Teacher Overview

The developers behind  Number Bonds 1-10 have created the next level up so that kids can learn the numbers 11-20.  The app is great for finding associations between numbers and to practice addition. We have given the app an EAS Certification of 5 Stars and EAS Recommended Status. 

Teacher Review

One of the main reasons we really liked using this game is that it leaves a lot of the thinking and learning up to the user. This is a game that develops skills of logic and hones the skill by mode of repetition.

In this app, the numbers go from 11-20.  A number between 11 and 20 pops up in the centre of the screen and the learner’s mission is point out all of the numbers that make up the number. So, for example, if the number is 11, we must point out “11+0, 0+11, 10+1, 1+10, 9+2, 2+9, 3+8, 8+3...” and so on. The larger the number the more combinations there are. .

The great thing about this is that the numbers that the learner chooses from are set in a circle which makes it easier to see the associations between numbers. This is very interesting as the creators of the app have effectively created their own abacus-style representation in order to develop counting skills. Once the app has been completed in number order during the first play, all the numbers are set at random so that the game can be played over and over again. 

Number bonds is the foundation of numbers as it develops the logic between the numbers and how they come about. Counting is simply a human invention to represent the world around us. If we can communicate the basic concept of that and build on it, kids will find it much easier to relate to mathematics. This app does this in a fun way, as the illustrations, the sounds and the colours make it very easy to engage with the numbers. As a result, kids will begin to form number associations in their own minds.

We would advise to have an adult in the first round of playing just to hone-in on the concepts and the counting however, once the basics have been learnt and understood kids can play by themselves.

Overall, this is a very nice app that kids will enjoy playing (and learning) with! 

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Developer Description

This educational game builds on the success of Number Bonds 1-10, by introducing children to larger and more complex number bonds, with new challenges and new characters! Number Bonds 11-20 helps children to form strong associations in their mind, on many different levels.

Number bonds are an essential part of primary school mathematics education, and is part of the curriculum in the UK and many other countries. It is the foundation of numbers; and this game helps children to become familiar with them, and be able to instantly recognise the common number bonds by turning it into a fun game.

The game utilises visualisation, colour coding and repetition to take the pain out of learning, and allows the child to form strong associations in their mind on many different levels - however they learn best. Colourful, exciting and progressive - replace a few weeks of hard work with fun!

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