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About Plantum - AI Plant Identifier

Plantum - AI Plant Identifier makes you a personal botany expert by providing clear details of various plants. This plant identification app simply identifies any plant or flower you point your camera to. It also identifies rocks, mushrooms and insects.

More so, if you already had the plant’s photo saved on your device, you can import it into the app’s interface for identification. Plantum - AI Plant Identifier is free to install but supports in-app purchases for certain features and built-in tools.

Plantum - AI Plant Identifier Review

Plantum - AI Plant Identifier is an AI-based plant identification app that helps you identify plants, diagnose plant diseases, and more. It's essentially a combination of a plant encyclopaedia and a plant doctor in one handy software. 

The app content is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

Plantum - AI Plant Identifier was previously called "NatureID".

Pot Meter will help measure the pot's volume to repot your plant or adjust the amount of water you use. Water Calculator will help you estimate the optimal frequency and amount of moisture for your green pet.

Weather Tracker will notify you of heavy rains, strong winds, and so on so you can timely adjust your care routine and be aware of the changes that can affect your outdoor plants.

What do we like about Plantum - AI Plant Identifier?

The primary benefit of Plantum - AI Plant Identifier is the ability to recognise plants in your backyard, garden, or on a walk. Knowing if any plants you come across are poisonous to you or your pets is an advantage in this situation. The plant health diagnostics was a further feature we were interested in testing.

What skills does it improve?

You'll need help along the way if you're a new parent of a plant. Plantum - AI Plant Identifier can help in this situation.

What age is it appropriate for?

Plantum - AI Plant Identifier is appropriate for all ages. 

Is Plantum - AI Plant Identifier free?

Plantum - AI Plant Identifier is free to download on all Android and iOS devices. 

Is Plantum - AI Plant Identifier easy to use?

If it is correctly recognised, a screen with additional information about how to select the best soil, water, and fertiliser for your plant, how to create the right temperature settings, and other topics will appear. The light metre included in the app can monitor how much sunlight enters your home and guide you toward the ideal arrangement.

How will users benefit?

In addition to the essentials, the app provides suggestions for literature on plants, reminders, care routines, a light metre, and the option to ask a question of an expert. Over 15,000 plant species may be accurately identified with over 98% accuracy with the Plantum - AI Plant Identifier app. The plant encyclopaedia will take care of the rest, whether you take a new photo or use one that already exists.

Plantum - AI Plant Identifier can be a useful tool to ensure that your plants survive and flourish if you're getting into gardening and want to try growing your own vegetables and herbs.

What can Plantum - AI Plant Identifier improve on?

Membership is required for full access to Plantum - AI Plant Identifier, which is free to use with unlimited plant identifications but only allows for one plant health diagnosis. The app is free for basic use, but each time we launched it, a purchase request appeared and the cancel button was annoyingly hidden. Every time we tried to identify a plant, it would halt us and suggest that we subscribe.

How much does Plantum - AI Plant Identifier cost?

Plantum - AI Plant Identifier annual subscription costs $39.99.

Final thoughts

Plantum - AI Plant Identifier may act as your plant doctor if something goes wrong in addition to serving as an identifying tool and informational encyclopaedia. It can help you spot illnesses, gauge their severity, and hasten recovery. Insightful articles to support you on your journey as a plant parent, a notebook where you can record notes on your plant's development, and timely built-in reminders for watering, feeding, trimming, and other tasks are also included.

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