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About NASA

The official NASA app (Android, iOS) keeps you up to date on the latest space news, features, and images from America's space exploration agency. Users can read up on the latest NASA missions, watch video on demand mini docus and stream NASA TV, check out a schedule of the latest launches and countdown clocks, and view a variety of fantastic phots such as the Earth As Art collections. Users can save videos and photos into their favorites for later viewing or to their device for use as wallpapers. 

NASA app is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices.

NASA Review

NASA is an app where kids can learn basic astronomy facts, and about NASA's specific missions, by navigating through videos, photos, live feeds, and loads of text. New information is added daily from a variety of NASA sources, including NASA's public television channel.

A staple for space cowboys, the Nasa app will keep you in the know about everything from missions, news, and countdown clocks for launches. It's the best way possible to stay up to date with the world's space association.

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Perhaps not originally built for stargazing per se, the wealth of information and fascinating facts available on the NASA app will keep your entertained for hours as you learn all about the awe-inspiring world of outer space. This is a go-to for anyone wanting the latest updates, including images, videos, mission information and news straight from the experts as well as exclusive access to a range of quality and engaging content.

What do we like about NASA?

The NASA Ames Research Center has developed the NASA APP, a single resource for astronomy, engineering, and astronaut inspiration. On the same (free!) app, you can view a sunset over South America from space, watch the Obamas tour the shuttle launch site, and keep track of the upcoming launch using a countdown clock. View breath taking images from space, follow the International Space Station's orbit, count down to the launch of the upcoming mission, discover the NASA Hall of Fame, and more. There are continually new tweets, videos, and images being posted.

What skills does it improve?

NASA has so much data that it could need your assistance directing youngsters to the information that is most pertinent to their current course of study, report topic, or current occurrence. Use the app's keyword, feature, or category search functions.

Is NASA free?

NASA is free to download on all Android and iOS devices.

Is NASA easy to use?

Users will be drawn in by the visuals, which will entice them to read the other articles on the app to learn more. There are continually new tweets, videos, and images being posted.

The great, in-depth space-related content may require some assistance for younger children to read and comprehend, but older children should have no trouble grasping the majority of the material.

How will users benefit?

The NASA App can teach students and adults a lot about space exploration. They can study information on planets and NASA's space initiatives, peruse NASA's images and films, and even stay up to date with the agency's tweets, launch schedules, and media appearances. Although the information is reasonably arranged, there is still a lot to read.

Beautiful computer depictions of the solar system, footage of rocket launches, fresh photographs of Earth taken from the International Space Station, and much more are likely to pique curiosity about space exploration in ways that textual explanations or dated textbook illustrations simply cannot. It's got a lot going on for a free resource! The amazing pictures on this app, with more than 150,000 daily additions, are by far its most impressive component. Kids that are curious about science will enjoy exploring the app.

Parents should be aware that the free NASA App is genuine and is loaded with more knowledge on the American space programme and astronomy than you could consume in a lifetime. This app allows you to travel into space from your sofa, on the bus, or in class, with fresh content updated every day from many NASA sources, including NASA's public television channel.

What can NASA improve on?

Although NASA contains a wealth of information, some children may become disoriented by it.

How much does NASA cost?

NASA is available free of cost. 

Final thoughts

The NASA app is a wonderful method for inspiring young people to pursue careers in science and space exploration. Daily updates keep things interesting, and the pictures are amazing.

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