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About Narrator AR

The application ‘Narrator AR' is an Augmented Reality app that supports pre-school writing in a fun and inspiring way. The application is suitable for ages 3 to 5 and encourages children to write words and letters with a pen and paper whilst linking this to an exciting AR experience. The application is free from in-app purchases and does not require a constant Wi-Fi connection. The application is supported by the developer's website which must be used for the AR experience. Please note that parents and teachers will need access to a printer.

Narrator AR Review

Narrator AR is an excellent augmented reality app for education. Upon opening the app, the user is shown the developers splash screen along with a warning that the application uses Augmented Reality AR and support may be needed by parents or guardian with younger children. The application requires access to the camera of your device for the Augmented Reality to function. Once this has been allowed the user is given an option of a Unicorn (Bimbi) or a Rocket (Klugger) to trace the AR experience. You can access in-app instructions by pressing and holding the star in the top left.

This application encourages children to pick up a pen and practice their writing. The app is supported by a well-designed website that has very clear instructions about how to use the application along with a number of resources. The user will need to use the free website tools to create their word. This could be their name, a pet's name, where they live or any other word interests them. Once the word has been typed in either uppercase or lowercase the user is required to print out the word with a unique QR in the corner that will activate the AR experience. Once the word has been printed the child can trace the letters using a pen or pencil. This is an excellent way to encourage the construction of letters by using fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Once the letters have been traced the fun really begins!

Augmented Reality is a relatively new digital technology that uses the camera within your device to make objects come to life. The AR experience is truly unique and our users found the experience engaging and almost magical. The child can choose from the Unicorn (Bimbi) or the Rocket (Klugger). Watch how the chosen character emerges from the page and traces the child's word using fantastic graphics and sound. The child can move the camera and explore their surroundings whilst watching the AR. Our users found the controls very easy to use and intuitive. The icons are simple and effective allowing the user to switch between AR characters or take a screenshot of their design.

Our users really enjoyed the AR experience and the websites printed writing guides where easy to access and print. We love the fact that the website offered a number of alphabetically listed resources which includes many pre-printed letters and words. Whilst our users enjoyed the AR experience they were left wanting more. We hope that more characters, animals, sounds and colours are added in the future to enhance the experience and give the user more choice.

We commend the developers for designing an application that not only encourages the use of a new exciting digital experience but also the traditional skills of letter construction and handwriting. Although the experience is an engaging one we did find that our users treated the AR experience as a fad that was over far too quickly. We hope that the developers will consider added more characters for the user to choose from in the future and extending the AR experience that engages over a longer period. There are many AR applications that simply immerse the user in the AR experience with little educational value. We applaud the developers for linking both the Augmented reality technology and traditional learning skills in a seamless fashion and this application comes highly recommended by the

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