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About MysticLand World Discovery

Mysticland World Discovery wants to help kids become global citizens. Various activities and rich content, including a kid-friendly newspaper, help kids learn about history, geography, and current events from all around the world. The app feeds curiosity and entertains its users.

The app is suitable for kids aged between 7 and 12. After a free trial, the app is available through a subscription on all iOS devices and Android.

MysticLand World Discovery Review

What is Mysticland World Discovery app?

Mysticland World Discovery can't be described in just a few words as it has such a mix of content. A description of its different sections give some idea of its variety:

MysticPost is a kid-friendly newspaper full of events from around the world. It is presented in a conversational way using the app's characters to explain events and inform kids.

Quiz tests kids on their understanding of the events described in MysticPost

Facts are interesting snippets to grow kids' general knowledge and pique their interest. 

MysticQuest incudes a series of minigames, some enhanced by augmented reality, to entertain kids and introduce them to cultures, places, and history around the world. The augmented-reality games will be familiar to kids who are fans of Pokémon GO.

As kids interact with the app, they earn rewards to reflect the level of their interest and curiosity.

What we love about Mysticland World Discovery.

Mysticland World Discovery is full of variety, and it takes a unique approach. Other apps offer kid-friendly newspapers, minigame challenges, general knowledge facts and augmented reality enhanced learning but not all together. 

There's no fragmented feel from such variety, though, as Mysticland World Discovery's theme and design unify it into a single interesting, educational, and fun learning experience. 

What skills does it improve?

We have to applaud Mysticland World Discovery for taking on such broad topics as global awareness and current events. The news coverage includes science, tech, sport, entertainment, and even business. Global awareness has history and geography from all regions of the world. 

Mysticland World Discovery's content does not directly relate to school lessons and curricula, but developing kids' interest, general knowledge, and curiosity will help instil a love of learning in them. 

What age is it appropriate for?

The app's target audience is kids aged between 7 and 12. Some of the information included in the app can be pretty text-filled, and while it is well-written with kids in mind, children who are not confident readers will struggle. 

Is Mysticland World Discovery easy to use?

It might take a short time for kids to familiarise themselves with this app as they probably won't have encountered any other app like it. However, once they learn what each section does, they will not have any problems.

How will students benefit?

There's always something new to discover in Mysticland World Discovery. The updating content helps kids build a desire to stay informed while the games encourage them to learn new things.  

If you do subscribe to Mysticland, be sure to check your email, as a printable PDF will arrive to support your kids' use of the app. This optional download is an unusual feature but a nice touch. 

Wanting to learn is a big driver of kids' academic success, and Mysticland World Discovery shows them that learning is fascinating and fun.

How will teachers benefit?

Although they were not tested as part of this review, Mysticland World Discovery has some additional features for teachers, and these include tools to aid classroom discussions and student analytics.

Even as a single download on the teacher's personal device, the app will still have its uses. In much the same way teachers often read a class story, they can read current events to their class and encourage the kids to discuss and form considered opinions.

How will parents benefit?

Parents get a lot for their money with a subscription to Mysticland World Discovery. Aside from its entertainment value, kids are learning history, geography and improving their reading skills, all of which will be pleasing for parents.

The app fills a gap between educational and entertainment apps, helping parents ensure that kids' screen time is constructive.

What can Mysticland World Discovery improve on?

The app's navigation would be improved slightly by more consistency in where it positions user-interface buttons. The close screen and back buttons serve similar purposes—to leave the current screen—but one appears at the top right while the other is at the bottom right.

There is a lot of text in the app, and the nature of the app's subject means that many of the words might be off-putting to kids who are still developing their literacy skills.

Some assistance with reading more difficult words would help. 

How much does Mysticland World Discovery cost?

Before you commit to this app, you can let your kids enjoy the free trial. There are a restricted set of newspapers, quests, and quizzes for them to enjoy before you make your decision to subscribe.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

A subscription makes all of the app's content fully available. There is a flexible set of options: monthly, three-monthly, and yearly, with you achieving the cheapest monthly cost with the annual subscription. On iOS, the app supports family sharing to allow its use on multiple devices, and one subscription supports up to three kids, which is particularly generous.

The app's website does have physical items related to the app for sale, but these are not pushed in the app and are not essential to use it.

Is Mysticland World Discovery safe to use?

Mysticland World Discovery has an age rating of 4+ on iOS and PEGI3 on Android, so its content does not show anything objectionable. All of the content in the app is custom-produced, ensuring that nothing inappropriate could appear in the news stories.

The app does not display advertisements in either the free or subscription version, and there are no further in-app purchases beyond the subscription. Unfortunately, at the time of review, the app's privacy policy link on the Apple App Store led to an advertisement-filled site that had nothing to do with the app.

Links in the app and on Google Play lead to the app's detailed privacy policy, although it sadly lacks an easily readable summary. The policy states that the app may collect geographic data if the device's GPS is active. As with all apps, we recommend checking the policy to ensure it is acceptable to you.

Overall rating of the app.

Mysticland World Discovery is a superb app with an original approach. Wrapping its content within a character-driven theme helps soften kids' introduction to the learning within. The facts and details aren't repetitions of what they learn at school and are genuinely interesting. Frequent content updates make the subscription of excellent value, and as the app is available on iPhone's, iPads, and Android devices, it is easy to access. An easy five stars to Mysticland World Discovery.

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