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A useful tool although more useful for teachers or students in higher education, rather than school-age students.

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MySources aims to address a very twenty-first century problem – that of having files strewn about in a variety of different cloud storage systems. It seeks to solve this problem by providing a platform for bringing several different cloud storage systems together and organise the files held within into libraries that can be searched and edited from within the MySources app. As well as collating files from six of the main cloud storage systems online – Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SugarSync, Box and Amazon – it also supports web bookmarks. Files from online storage systems can easily be stored locally using the options within the app.

The app itself is not entirely intuitive to set up and start using, although significant help documentation is provided both within the app and on the app's website. Once set up, the interface is simple enough to navigate and make use of, with the ability to search, organise and move files around as required. Another useful aspect of this app is included within the “diagnostics” tab – which very usefully gives details of usage within each of the different cloud services, showing you at a glance how much capacity has been used and how much remains. The app then comes into its own by showing you your largest files and allowing you to easily shuffle these between the different storage areas to make best use of free capacity.

However, for all the functionality contained within this app, I'm not convinced that many students of secondary school age will yet require this app – although I can see that it would be very handy for university students and educators across the board.  The main drawback of the app that I can see is that it only allows you to be signed in to one account per cloud service, meaning that if you have a work/school account on say Google Drive, and also a personal account (or several) on the same service, you can only access one at a time through MySources. In my experience many of the problems caused through using multiple cloud storage systems will include at least one duplicate account on the same service, and now that many schools and colleges provide one of these to their members, it is likely to be a widespread issue.  Overall, if you're looking for a solution to maintaining a single library of all your cloud files, and the lack of duplicate accounts is not a problem for you, then MySources provides a neat and simple way to achieve this.  

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***How do you remember where you saved your file in the cloud***

Introducing Mysources for iPad. For the first time, you have an efficient way to remember and archive files you have stored in the cloud. MYSOURCES SOLVES THE FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM FACED BY USERS WHO SAVE FILES IN THE CLOUD -
> How do I archive my files logically in folders independent of the cloud service provider ?

***Archive your files logically***
This means that as a user, you are now able to create folders in your Mysources library where you can save files from Drive, Dropbox, Sugarsync, OneDrive, Amazon and Box TOGETHER!!! SO YOUR LIBRARY CUTS ACROSS THE BOUNDARIES OF YOUR CLOUD STORAGE SERVICE PROVIDER AND HELP YOU ARCHIVE YOUR FILES AS IF ALL YOUR FILES ARE SAVED IN ONE CLOUD SERVICE ONLY.

***Include your internet bookmarks as part of your archive***
MySources also allows you to archive all your internet bookmarks from - Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox - alongwith your other files in the cloud.

***Monitor and Manage Cloud Storage across Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Amazon & Sugarsync***
MySources allows you monitor your cloud storage and warns you if you are reaching your plan size. You can COPY or MOVE files between different cloud storage service providers from within this app.

***Download frequently used files in local files area***
MySources allows you to download all your frequently used files in the local files area of the app in folders and directories which you can define and also open these files in an application of your choice in the iPad.

***Get in Touch***
Do you have any questions or comments ? Connect with us at:

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