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You don`t need a notebook anymore! Take your notes online. is an application for taking school notes online. Students easily create notebooks where they can write their notes and then share them with their Facebook friends.

The application allows you to not only write your notes into created notebook and share it with your friends, but also let others to edit your notes or make them accessible to public. The notebooks itself can be divided into the themes and then individual lectures, which are automatically numbered and sorted, in order to provide you with well organized notes.

Being a student has different meanings to different people. However, one thing is common to everyone – school notes are the basis for success. Are you tired of your heavy paper notebooks or disorganized documents in your computer? Do you want to be able get notes from the classes you missed faster than ever before? Then exchange it for a new application which will become the biggest helper during your studies!

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You can download on your Android devices from the Google Play Store.

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