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About MyRadar App

MyRadar is a easy-to-use weather forecast app that lets you know what the weather forecast is in real-time with animated images on maps. My Radar app is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices.

MyRadar App Review

MyRadar is an incredibly useful app that lets you see what the weather is going to be at all times no matter where you are. If you like feeling prepared for whatever weather comes your way and want to know the forecast for where you or your friends and family live, then this app is for you. It offers all sorts of features to keep you informed up to the minute with the latest and future weather information for any city in the world.

If you are one of those people who like to know the weather conditions in real-time or skip forward many days in the future to see the weather in as much detail as possible with many map modes then do not hesitate to download MyRadar. This weather app offers you the weather on the map and with animated images helping you know what the weather is like and what’s coming.

How much does MyRadar app cost?

MyRadar is available as a free download on iOS, Android and Windows devices. There is also Pro version available for $1.99 and removes the ads from the screen. 

Detailed and real-time weather forecast on the map

You will be able to know the evolution of changing clouds, storms, and other atmospheric phenomena in your current location through geolocation or anywhere in the world exploring the map. It has different possibilities when configuring the representation of the data on the screen, so it fits perfectly to the preferences of all types of users, allowing for a more personalized experience.

These are some of its extensive features to help you see the weather forecast of clearly and understand it better than ever before:

  • Get the weather in your area in real-time or anywhere in the world.
  • View different map modes to visualize the data, helping you understand the real-time forecast parameters.
  • Add different layers of information: alerts, forecast, temperatures, clouds, rainfall.
  • Set fixed locations.
  • Check the weather for several days in advance.
  • View detailed information on tropical storms, hurricanes, and cyclones.
  • Includes information about flight conditions.

In short, MyRadar Weather Radar is just what you need if you want to see the weather forecast in real time for your city in a way that's precise and detailed. This app is perfect for analyzing meteorological phenomena that take place anywhere on the planet. Enjoy a different way of looking at the weather and see cloud movements and information about wind and temperature in a colorful and animated interface.

Other alternatives include bbc weather app.

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