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About MyMathy: Math Problem Solver

MyMathy: Math Problem Solver is a multiple-choice quiz app with a bonus problem-solving facility.  MyMathy's smart visual design makes it attractive to kids of all ages who wish to practise the included maths topics of geometry, arithmetic, algebra, statistics, calculus and trigonometry.

MyMathy is an iOS-only app that works best on iPhones but still works on iPads.  The entire app is free to use and does not contain any in-app purchases but it does show third-party advertisements.

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MyMathy: Math Problem Solver Review

What is MyMathy: Math Problem Solver app?

MyMathy is a striking-looking maths quiz app. It contains quizzes at varying levels of difficulty sorted into maths topics. It also has a problem-solver facility that will solve users' maths problems and show-a-step by step method to the answer. 

What we love about MyMathy.

MyMathy looks great by having a vivid but minimalist design that is pleasing to look at and clear to read. It is age-neutral, allowing kids of any age who wish to practise the included maths content to enjoy using it. 

The activities are fairly typical of multiple-choice quizzes but well done with a good range of questions that are well written.   

The Math Problem Solver is also very good. Users enter a maths problem, and the app solves it and shows them the different steps to reaching the answer. Kids will find this very useful for revision and independent learning to confirm their answers and see where they may have gone wrong during the process.

What skills does it improve?

MyMathy has options for quizzes on geometry, arithmetic, algebra, statistics, calculus and trigonometry.   

What age is it appropriate for?

Students of different ages can use MyMathy. Each topic covered in the quizzes has three difficulty levels, so beginners can use easy while more advanced students can select hard. The youngest users of this app will likely be fine with arithmetic, while older kids can extend themselves to other subjects, like trigonometry. 

Is MyMathy easy to use?

MyMathy players can access any of the quizzes with just two clicks - one to select the topic and the other to choose the difficulty level. The quiz questions are clearly written, and users enter answers with another tap. 

How will students benefit?

MyMathy is an ideal app for kids to have on their phones. It is free, does not take up a huge amount of storage space, and is very easy to pick up and play a quick quiz. This will be helpful for refreshing past learning and practising new skills. The Math Problem Solver section has many uses for students to check their work and revise their knowledge of maths processes. 

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers always welcome free apps as they provide a way to increase the usefulness of their expensive classroom devices although they will have to check their school policy on using apps that feature ads. MyMathy is a practical way for kids to get extra self-marking practice. It is a pity that each device cannot store multiple user profiles as the app records the user's accomplishments in a way that teachers will find useful.   

How will parents benefit?

Having an app that gives their kids useful revision practice and is free will make MyMathy a popular app with parents. They should also consider adding it to their own devices to brush up their maths skills, ready to help their kids. 

What MyMathy can improve on?

MyMathy's developers have designed it specifically for phone-sized devices, which makes sense in light of its pick-up-and-play appeal. It will still work and be fully usable on an iPad as the app can either occupy a phone-sized area of the screen or be stretched to fill it. It is always nicer when an app has a layout dedicated to iPads as the screen space is used more effectively. 

A glossary of terms used in the problem-solver's explanations would be useful, especially for acronyms, as different people have different preferences. For example, the app uses GCD for greatest common divisor. Some kids would benefit from a reference that explains that this can also be greatest common factor or highest common factor. 

How much does MyMathy cost?

Surprisingly for an app of this quality, MyMathy is entirely free but features advertisements. The app is fully usable and has no in-app purchase options available at the time of this review.  Such an option, if it removed the advertisements, would be welcome. 

Is MyMathy safe to use?

MyMathy has a detailed privacy policy that covers how it might use any user data it gathers. Aside from the data regarding the user's scores in the app, the only information they enter is a name for their profile, which could just be a nickname. 

The app contains no content unsuitable for kids but the third-party advertisements it shows are likely to be out of the control of the developer. There is an invite friends option that makes use of other apps on the device to do so. 

Overall rating of the app.

There is no shortage of multiple-choice maths quiz apps on iOS devices, but MyMathy manages to stand out. Its design is very attractive and pleasant to use. The addition of the problem-solving feature expands its usefulness and relevance considerably, and, of course, it is free, albeit with ads. 

MyMathy's rating has to take into account the advertisements it features.  These are never ideal in an educational app as they can be distracting and lead children away from the educational content.  That being said, they do allow MyMathy to be a free app, which is undoubtedly a plus!  MyMathy's value to you will depend upon your opinion of advertisements in educational apps.  This review of MyMathy app awards it four stars but highly recommends that you download it to see how it works for yourself.

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