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About MyGameShow

Teachers and parents can use MyGameShow app to support kids' learning with fun quizzes that they create.  The app uses presentational flourishes to make the quiz itself feel like a TV game show.  It works especially well when the app is shared on a larger screen.

The app is a free download on iOS and Android devices that lacks quiz-sharing facilities and contains ads.  A subscription fully unlocks the app's sharing tools and removes the ads.  MyGameShow is suitable for any subject or age as the users create the content.

MyGameShow Review

What is MyGameShow app?

MyGameShow is an app-based quiz creator that takes its lead from TV game shows.   

Quiz Game Creation

Creators enter categories, questions and answers and allocate scores to them. Once they have saved their quiz, it is ready to play. Those who have invested in the app's premium version can share their quizzes and download ones created by others. 

Quiz Game Playing

The quiz creator or somebody else uses MyGameShow to present the quiz. At this stage, the app uses a style reminiscent of various TV gameshows with a graphical display and stirring music to add to the excitement. The app takes care of providing answers and tracking scores. 

What skills does it improve?

Quizzes are popular activities for testing and revising knowledge of all types. The quizzes are either text-based or can include an image that will allow questions on art, geometry, graphs, and so on. 

What age is it appropriate for?

MyGameShow can be used to hold quizzes for kids of any age by creating appropriate questions. Once kids have strong enough literacy skills, they could also create quizzes to deliver to their classmates and friends. 

Is MyGameShow easy to use?

The built-in quiz also serves as a guide to using the quiz creation and delivery tools. It also includes handy hints for ensuring that the gameshow experience plays well. 

Creating the quiz

Quiz creators add team names within groups. These work well in educational settings as each group could refer to a different class. 

The quizzes are easy to add; just tap the score box, enter a question and answer and that's it. Tapping a camera icon allows for image-based questions but not answers. 

Hosting the quiz

Playing the quiz needs a quiz show host who uses the app. The app does not force any particular rules so, within the confines of its structure, you are free to play it as you see fit.   

The host could choose score boxes and categories, or a team might. Answers could be taken from the fastest team to raise their hands or taken in turn.   

The host enters the answers by tapping a quiz name and a tick or cross to indicate whether the answer was correct.   


At the time of this review, there were not that many quizzes available to download from the MyGameShow's Quiz Exchange. Whether this grows will likely depend on how many people use the app, but it is disappointing that the developer has not started it with a bigger selection. 

Should the uploads grow in number, it appears that there is a robust search and browse function to get to the quizzes relevant to your interests. 

How will students benefit?

Creating quizzes can be a learning experience as those producing the questions must also be sure of the answers—no quiz maker wants to find flaws in their quiz when it is underway! Used this way, MyGameShow is a creative way for kids to learn and revise, and they will enjoy challenging their friends and classmates as they play the role of a game show host. 

How will teachers benefit?

Teaching resources that are adaptable for any subject, add a dash of flair to a lesson, produce saveable and sharable resources are always welcome in the classroom, and MyGameShow delivers these features.  

Turning revision classes, lesson plenaries, and fun activities into a game show-style experience for kids will make them memorable and fun. MyGameShow won't help with assessing or monitoring kids' progress, but it will help teachers get a feel for how well their class understands a topic. 

How will parents benefit?

MyGameShow is a versatile app. Parents can use it for family quiz nights, party activities, or creating quizzes to support their kids' learning. It isn't the sort of app where kids can go off and use it for independent learning but parents who want to take a hands-on approach to help their kids will find it a helpful way to structure their support. 

What can MyGameShow improve on?

The app's display does not scale as responsively as might be hoped in a modern app—notches on iPhones and rounded-screen corners sometimes obscure buttons. 

Quizzes created by the user can either be kept private or uploaded for everybody to use. A third option where only permitted users can access the quiz would be welcome to allow them to be personalised in some way. 

The included quiz structure works well and replicates a game show effectively when mirrored to a shared display, but some alternate styles would improve it considerably. Gameshows on TV don't stick to a single structure for their different rounds, so adding variety would boost the experience. 

Finally, while facilitating user-generated content is a good way of increasing the apps' usefulness, the developer should provide more content to start things off.  

How much does MyGameShow cost?

The free version of MyGameShow is fully playable but contains third-party advertisements and lacks quiz sharing functionality. It is helpful for testing the app or occasional users, but frequent users will benefit from a subscription. 

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

Once upgraded to the premium version through a subscription, the advertisements vanish, and you can begin sharing the quizzes you create and downloading those of others. The subscription is a low amount compared to most other subscription apps and is paid yearly. 

Is MyGameShow safe to use?

The app's premium version does not contain any third-party advertisements, and the app owners define the quiz content. Anyone downloading a quiz should check through its content before using it with children. 

Overall rating of the app.

MyGameShow is good at what it does. It is not an app for people to play independently and needs a group and host to play properly. With a well-prepared quiz, confident host, and enthusiastic competitors, a fun quiz round is playable.   

Due to its single play style and limited (so far) downloadable quizzes, it is probably best suited for teachers rather than parents. They can create quizzes to easily match their learning objectives and deliver them to assess and engage their kids. 

Download the free version of the app to see how it works for your needs. It would benefit from an expansion, but it is a good start that could find a home in any classroom or family gathering.

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