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About MYdys - aid for dyslexia

Mydys app is designed to support the reading of any written material. It takes a picture of the reading material and then allows you to customise how you would like to read it. It has a free version which allows for 30 credits a month, you are able to upgrade this to 600 credits or 10 000 credits at an additional cost. MYdys is perfect for people who are dyslexic or find reading a challenge. It works on IOS 12.0 or later or Mac 11.0 or later. 

MYdys - aid for dyslexia Review

What is MYdys app?

MYdys app is designed to support the reading of any written material. It allows the user to take a picture of some writing and then have it transcribed it into the app. This could be from a book, sign, menu, magazine or bill. The highlight of the app is once the writing is loaded onto the app users are able to personalise their reading experience by selecting the choices relevant to their own reading needs. MYdys is ideal for supporting those with dyslexia. 

What we love about MYdys app.

MYdys biggest value is being able to transcribe any piece of text and allow users to tailor it to their own reading needs. This means each user could have a different support used and get the best reading experience for them. The customisation includes the ability to: choose the font, text size, character spacing, word spacing, line spacing and a choice of colour. In addition to this, users are able to access reading aids which highlight common confusing characters such as b,d or p,q, or add your own choices. MYdys has an audio player which reads the text to you with a choice of voice and speed. Lastly it offers a translation function.  

What skills does it teach?

MYdys app supports the reading of texts, it does not teach users to read but makes the experience easier to master. It could be used by teachers and parents to assist children with a range of reading material which they may otherwise not attempt. 

What age is it appropriate for?

MYdys app is aimed at ages 4 and above. As the app has an audio feature this means the user does not have to be a competent reader as long as they are able to use the app appropriately. 

Is MYdys app easy to use?

MYdys is easy to use and navigate. There are simple user instructions when you first log in and the app allows for easy searching and use of the customisation tool. Once users have learnt the main features they will be able to use this independently. 

How will students benefit?

Students will enjoy using MYdys as it will give them greater independence when faced with a piece of writing. It is ideal for people who are dyslexic as you are able to tailor the reading experience to each individual's preference. The customisation the app offers really does make it an unique experience. Students could use this in any location whether this was at home, school or out and about. It will give students the confidence and independence to access texts whenever they need to. It is very user friendly so once the features have been learned no further support will be needed. 

How will parents benefit?

Parents will be able to use this app to support their children in reading different written material. Once a child has learnt how to use the app parents will not need to support their child as the app allows for full independence of reading any text. As you will see later in this review the cost of the app is very reasonable and has different levels of expense depending on the needs of the user. 

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers would be able to use MYdys app in the classroom with any student. It would support the teacher when students have written material to read. This could be from a book, set of written instructions or from the board. It would be easy to use in the classroom as once the students know how the app works, they would be able to independently use it to their own reading preferences. This is ideal in a busy classroom setting when time is often limited. 

Good to know

MYdys works best with clear and simple text to scan. Sometimes it can find it hard to scan the text accurately when the text does not follow a usual pattern, this can make it a little confusing when listening or reading the text back. Another point to note is once you leave the transcription screen the text is then gone and cannot be revisited. 

How much does MYdys app cost?

This review of MYdys app used the free version which allows for 30 scans of a text with full customisation. Users are able to upgrade to the Discovery package for £2.49 per month for 600 credits or Premium package for £4.99 per month for 10 000 credits, when subscribing to these upgraded packages you are also able to share and print the text in the adapted format. 

MYdys app safe to use?

MYdys app is safe to use. It has a clear privacy policy and asks for permissions to send notifications and have access to users camera. It does not have any social media links or advertisements which interfere with the app. MYdys does not ask for any personal information to use it. 

What can MYdys app improve on?

Mydys is a fantastic tool to support reading but it could perhaps improve, when it transcribes, being able to highlight and separate titles and sub-titles to aid with readability, making it even more accessible and easier to decipher. 

Overall rating of the app. 

MYdys receives an educational app store rating of 5 as it is extremely user friendly and versatile in being able to transcribe any piece of written material. A great supportive app.

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