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My Town : School

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About My Town : School

My Town: School is a free-play app for children to play and explore in a school building. My Town: School gives children the opportunity to explore places around the town through play exercise their imaginations in this open-ended app. Wander through the My Town school, check out the different classrooms and play with everything you can find.

Teacher Review

Children love to explore and add their imagination to activities. The My Town series of apps are like a series of interactive dolls houses that are crammed full of adjustable, posable, and interactive elements. The one under review here is themed around a school but others cover celebrations, events, and workplaces.  

Just like with a real playset there are no rules, time limits or any other restrictions on how children can progress through this app. They can wander through the rooms and imagine their character's day at school. They can look for items that respond to a tap with a fun animation or sound effect.  There's a robot waiting to be put together, a chalkboard that can be written on, musical notes to be played and much more.  

The rooms are themed appropriately with a science lab, music room, classroom, sports area, canteen, and bathroom. They are all presented in a bright and colourful graphical style with crisp and clear sound effects enhancing them further.  Navigating through the rooms is easy.  Doors are tapped to open and then an arrow is clicked to progress into the room. The app is so self-explanatory and natural to use that no tuition or instructions are needed.

My Town: School is free to explore, so teachers and parents can also exercise their imaginations to use the app to teach their children. Helping children to learn new words by identifying what they are interacting with or describing the varied characters in the app might be one use. Discussing safety in the science lab might be another. An adult playing with a child should be able to spot a myriad of ways to add a bit of appropriate learning to their time with the app.

There is the occasional frustration.  Some of the 'hotspots' where items' interactivity are triggered can be a little difficult to hit the first time, but are usually easily homed in on for a subsequent attempt. The icon to display the rest of the series of apps is always tantalisingly visible which may well lead to children focussing on what they don't have rather than what they do. If you suspect that your child will like an app from this series, it might be worth considering buying it as part of a bundle as this will grant a saving compared to the individual prices.

My Town: School is suited for 3 to 9 year-olds and this is quite right but whether it is the right purchase will depend on how you want to use it or on your child's preferred style of play. Some children might feel at a loss without the direction of a well-defined gameplay. Others will revel in the freedom to exercise their imaginations.  If you feel that this is the type of play experience that your child will enjoy, then this app provides a great way to provide it for them.

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Grab your books and get dressed, It is time for School in My Town ! With 9 cool locations, 11 kids, 7 adults, 10 science experiments, 8 musical instruments, 5 type of ball games and serving the tastiest cafeteria food in the world, this is by far the biggest and best school game on mobile.

Easy enough for three year olds to play, Exciting enough for 12 year olds to enjoy!

There are endless ways to Play My Town : School, trigger your imagination and create exciting adventures, Discover all the special activities and find something new every time you play

You are probably wondering why everybody loves the my town game series. With our unique digital dollhouse game play each new addition grows your town, making it even more fun. The new Town school is the location no town can go with out. With endless ways to play and lots of rooms and character to play with, this game is a must have addition to your mobile or tablet.

7 New Adult characters
Science teacher, Music teacher, Sports teacher, Class teacher and the grumpy principle along with mom & dad

11 different kids
A truly diversified multicultural gang ready to learn, play and even cause trouble for the teacher.

Morning Classroom
This is where you learn about lots of cool stuff like nature, space, reading and writing. You school classroom is where it all happens

Sports class in the school yard
Play volleyball, tennis, baseball, basket ball and even badminton! Our sports teacher will teach you every ball game out there.

Music room
Some kids love piano, other love the drums, why not play the guitar or simply learn notes? The schools music room is packed with tons of instruments.

Science lab
Create awesome experiments, learn about plants, play around with our tesla and see what happens!

NO time limit, Stress points or High scores to beat.
Each game is a new game, if you can imagine it you play it.
PURE fun, imaginative game play like no other.

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