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Developer Description

Now you have your timetable at your fingertips thanks to Timetable.
Forget having to write down your timetable on papers that often get lost, or which you have forgotten to take with you just when you need them.
My Timetable allows you to carry your schedule around with you: timetables of college, gym sessions, school, can now include them in your iphone or ipod.
The easiest way to organise yourself.


Enjoy two viewing modes:
- Whole week in panoramic format (landscape) with zoom.
- I day by day in vertical format (portrait)

Share by email your timetable with your friends (your class mate have the timetable and you need it, ask for it).
Ease of use, comfortable and fast to use
Multiple timetables (depending on the different tasks)
Organises tasks by colours
Add notes to tasks
Determines the timetable length by fixing a term of validity or simply by marking it as indefinite.
Differentiates between future, present and expired timetables, organize your future semesters.

All your timetables in your iPhone or iPod Touch
College timetables
Gym timetables
School timetables
Lecturer timetables
Conference timetables
... and much more

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