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About Download Talking Tom

My Talking Tom is an entertaining game where you get to raise Tom the cat, giving him all the care that a nice cat like him needs. Download the free game and join more than 580 million players all over the world having fun with Talking Tom, one of the most popular free games for kids.

Talking Tom is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices.

Download Talking Tom Review

Talking Tom is a virtual pet care gaming app where kids are tasked with caring for and interacting with the Tom Cat. Talking Tom is available on both Google Play and iTunes for a free download.

What is Talking Tom?

Talking Tom is a great game for kids who are interested in having a pet or those who enjoy customizing different aspects of a home. This app is also great for kids who like to dress up characters and try out different wardrobe combinations. 

Do you like little kitten? In this game, you will meet our cute cat Tom. You need to take care of him in every respect. For example, you need to take him to the bathroom and feed him in time; you need to buy toys for him to play, otherwise he might feel boring; you need to buy house decorations and furniture for him to feel comfortable. Although this cat is just a pet who is living in your phone, you need to remember all the time that you have a pet to take care of. In a word, you need to create the most comfortable conditions for him and love him. If you cannot do all this for the little cat, there will be a health bar to remind you. You can track the cat's condition by checking the health bar from time to time. But in this game, you will be rewarded for taking care of our little Tom. That is to say, you can take Tom's plane to explore the world, visit his friends and Tom will repeat whatever you say in a funny voice during your journey. Besides, you can play all kinds of pranks on Tom. For example, you can order the dog to throw the pillow at Tom's face; and you can make the dog farts and enjoy Tom's hilarious reactions.

This Tom can be your amazing playmate. Whenever you are boring, you can talk with him and he will repeat what you said with different funny voices. Besides, you can also send these voices to your friends or your family members to express your gratitude or regret with a creative way. The most important thing is that no matter how sad you are, he will be there waiting for you, and no matter how happy you are, he is still there for you to make you laugh and bring you more joy!

Talking Tom lets you play with the eponymous talking cat, Talking Tom. Players can pet and feed Tom like a virtual pet, and can grab Tom’s tail, poke his belly or punch him for fun reactions. Players can also talk to Tom, which will cause him to repeat what was said to him said in a hilarious high-pitched voice.

Tom can also be made to perform actions like playing cymbals, farting, throwing a cake, or eating a hapless Larry the Bird. The game allows players to create videos of their experiences with Tom and share it with others via e-mail or YouTube.

This app is similar to other games where users are tasked with responding to and caring for virtual animals such as WebKinz and Club Penguin Island.

Is Talking Tom safe for my kids?

This app is rated E10+ for everyone ten and older and is recommended for kids over 10 years old. Talking Tom is a pet care simulation gaming app that is safe for kids to use. This app is best suited for kids 10 and older who are better able to interact with the Tom Cat character and to learn from the cues Tom is giving. 

If you decide you’re comfortable with your children downloading it, you should be careful to monitor the time they spend playing it.

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