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About My Study Life

My Study Life is an all-in-one student organiser, with scheduling and class timetabling that can sync with your calendar. The reminders notify you of incomplete tasks and upcoming classes and exams. It provides a task manager that goes beyond the simple to-do list, with functionality specific to student lifestyles. It’s also syncs across all devices, saves everything to the cloud and is available offline. So you can work on a paper offline, then save it to the cloud and have it linked to a task and timetable. My Study Life download is available for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android devices as well as on desktop (PCs, laptops and Mac computers).

Teacher Review

My Study Life is the perfect online replacement for the paper planner you’ve been carrying in your backpack for all these years. The calendar function of the app was built with students in mind, and can help you keep track of classes that conflict with exams, rotation schedules, and how long your class will last in the semester or academic year. 

MyStudyLife comes from one of the top makers of planning tools or school planner apps. With their task manager, My Study Life solves the problem of flicking through your paper planner trying to find that specific date you might have remembered to write down. Instead, pop a due date in to the app when you receive it, and the app’s dashboard will automatically remind you of upcoming tasks and events! 

Use the app to set reminders about upcoming classes, assignments, and more.

Available on: Desktop, iOS and Android

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Android, iPad, iPhone




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My Study Life, Ltd.

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My Study Life is a cross-platform planner for students, teachers and lecturers designed to make your study life easier to manage. My Study Life allows you to store your classes, homework and exams in the cloud making it available on any device, wherever you are.

Unlike a paper planner or school diary, My Study Life integrates all areas of your academic life - see homework due and overdue for classes, classes which conflict with your exams and even add revision tasks for a specific exam - all in a free, easy to use application. Far from your standard calendar, My Study Life is optimized to work for your school life right from the start with support for week and day rotation schedules. Add your classes and view them in a beautiful, instantly identifiable, familiar week view.

My Study Life seamlessly syncs your data between devices, allowing you to use the app even when offline. You can add a task on the move from your phone or tablet and it will be instantly available on the web app.

With My Study Life you can...
Track your tasks - homework, assignments, reminders and revision. Store your tasks with ease in the cloud, accessible anywhere.
Store exams - keep those all important exams alongside your classes and revision tasks.
Manage your classes - your paper planner, turbocharged. Supporting day and week rotation timetables, advanced academic year/term support and integration into tasks you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.
Get notified - reminders for unfinished tasks, upcoming exams and classes before they even start.
Share – My Study Life allows teachers to create and share their timetable securely with students in the same school.

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