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About My Study Clock

If like me, you have children that find it difficult to organise their time and schedule when they should be doing schoolwork, then My Study Clock is the application for you. My Study Clock has fully editable clocks that allow you to track all of the subjects you study. The app provides the user with the option of what day they want to study, how many hours they want to study and what breaks they want to take.  My Study Clock also tracks the user progress and monitors their history, which can be shared with friends, teachers or parents.

My Study Clock Review

What we love about My Study Clock

Apart from the intuitive design, which makes using the app easy, we particularly like the weekly summary at a glance which clearly maps out the study schedule for the week and also indicates the status of the study time. The ability to share this information with parents is also a great idea for the parents! Also, a small thing, but we like it, is the alarm when the study session has finished.

What skills does it improve?

My Study Clock improves a number of skills. The main skill that the app helps with, is confronting the student with a set of tools that make them think strategically about how they divide their study time up between the subjects. This important skill is a 'life skill' that will always be useful beyond the classroom. The student also has to judge for themselves how little or often they need to take a break and again this is a very important feature that gives them time for reflection.

What age is it appropriate for?

The application can, we suggest, be used effectively from the age of seven upwards. But we feel a gentle introduction would not harm younger children as long as they are not over complicated and perhaps just restricted to the core study subjects.

Is My Study Clock easy to use?

My Study Clock is simple to use and can be easily and intuitively navigated. Intelligently laid out, the user interface with the colour, layout and grouping of menus leads to a pleasant use.

How will children benefit?

Children will benefit by carefully planning out a study schedule to ensure that they study all subjects required, apportion the correct time for each and then monitor whether they have made the progress required.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers will benefit from the app by getting appropriate data on the progress of each child and they can also input on the schedule to ensure adequate sharing of time across subjects.

How will parents benefit?

Parents will have the peace of mind that their child has planned and is enacting the plan for study which they can monitor effectively. 

What My Study Clock could improve on?

The main improvement would be the ability for the application to work in the background so that the student can work on the device at the same time.

How much does My Study Clock app cost?

The application cost $2.99

What is included in the free version vs. paid?

The application does not have a free version

Is the My Study Clock safe to use?

Yes, they have the correct date privacy policy in place.

Overall rating of the app

The application is entirely satisfactory. The aim of the app is to ensure that students think about how they are going to study and apportion time across a the week and across the subjects, this has been achieved. The essential test of this application is 'stickability', will the student keep coming back to use it? With the many distractions that children have today only time can tell.

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