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About My Pizza Family

My Pizza Family is designed for young children and offers emotional and social learning experiences as well as some more traditional learning activities.  Players take part in the lives of Alex and Camilla as they learn and help their family in the best Pizzeria in Toon York City.

My Pizza Family Review

With a large city to explore and a cast of animated and talking characters, My Pizza Family feels like a traditional game.  Young children will see it and feel like they are using something similar to their parents or older siblings.   It has no in-app purchases, subscriptions, or advertisements to break the immersion or create disappointment so having fun while they think and learn is fully possible for its players.  While it does cover such things as letters and shapes in places, the main event is a series of interactive stories that lead children to think about communities and how to be a member of them.

The app is entirely in 3D.  The camera pans and moves around the characters and locations in a way that makes the app's Toon York City feel like a real place.  On the free-roaming sections, players can wander around the city and explore while they collect coins to redeem for in-game rewards.

In the stories, the cast of characters inhabit their locations well and bring the player into the story.   Conversations, songs, and dances are all good fun for children and combine to make up a story that young children can follow and even play a part in.  With all of this animation, a living breathing city, and songs and sounds, the app is quite a large one to download but this is a one-off process and no subsequent internet access is necessary.  

The stories involve the young children, Alex and Camilla, as they help their family and community to save their pizzeria and create a garden.  The main educational contribution this app makes is in the social and emotional domain.  The app's characters make good role models and the situations provide thinking points for children to discuss with parents and teachers.  

Social and emotional education does not need to be bolstered with more traditional educational activities but there are still some present in this app.  Children are given tasks within the stories that each have an educational role.   Further standalone educational activities include identifying shapes and copying words.

The copying words activity is worth discussing further.  It isn't a spelling task as you might expect.  Children have the target word in front of them.  It is more about matching and identifying letters that form longer words than the children at whom this app is aimed would usually be expected to write.  This seems a bit strange at first.  Giving children that are still learning to sort basic shapes the word 'leopard' could seem poorly focused.  But it is not about spelling the word, just selecting the letters to match the given word.  This feels good.  Children get to see how letters combine in longer words.  They practise matching letters.  Finally, the exposure to long words means that when they progress in their reading and writing, they will not feel intimidated by unfamiliar longer words.

There is an unfortunate bug that could be encountered on some device screens.  The longest words, such as elephant, extend beyond the screen limits making them impossible to complete.  Such bugs rarely stay for long in actively maintained apps, such as this one, so hopefully, it will soon be crushed.

The other concern is that the graphics do, on occasion, give the impression that they are from different sources as, stylistically, they don't always match.  It makes no difference to the stories or gameplay, but it does make it look a little less well presented than would be ideal.

Neither of these issues should detract from an app that young children will find fun to play.  To adult eyes, it might seem a little eclectic and the activities a little random but, to young children, it will provide a fun, entertaining, and educational experience.

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Android, iPad, iPhone



Cognitive Development
Organisational and Productivity Skills


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Toon York City LLC

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