My Incredible Body

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About My Incredible Body

My Incredible Body gives kids a chance to explore parts of the body such as the brain and nerves, muscles, the skeleton, and even the kidneys and urine. In each section, children get to see a model of that particular part of the body, with the ability to research into the function in great detail. Short informational passages provide children with descriptions of the major body parts, as well as information about how the parts of the body work together. This is a particular well-presented and throughout app with loads of high quality educational content suitable for Key Stage 2 and above.

My Incredible Body Review

This is an app for true educational fun, yes fun. As the title suggests the programme is designed to help the learner understand everything about their body. The programme is very professionally put together with superb and intuitive navigation to guide you effortlessly across a range of biological functions. The graphics are pin sharp and the video clips are delightfully illuminating, simplifying some extremely complex processes which are seamlessly incorporated into the app. Children’s innate curiosity will be rewarded in this programme with a rich set of information cleverly delivered, they will pick up on information without realising.

The app ranges from the brain and nerves, digestion, lungs, skeleton, kidneys, senses, muscles, circulation and the reproductive system for an extra charge when your child is ready. Each section provides you with a general tour of each function, with narration and text which is context specific based on the user touching a three dimensional graphic overlay which can be zoomed in or out. The second common subsection provides an example of the system in use with a combination of moving graphics, narration and text. The third common subsection provides the child with some touch sensitive quizzes that are scored and painlessly provide feedback on progress. The final section provides a video graphic which is narrated giving you a summary of the whole section.

The application also provides you with the opportunity to build other sections to the section you are working in for example if the child is working with the nervous system they can overlay the organs or skeleton, giving them a holistic view of the body.

This application is quite simply brilliant and should certainly be on the app shelf of any discerning parent.

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Android, iPhone



Cognitive Development
Critical Thinking
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