My Geography - world countries and capitals

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Inside the app

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From the Developer

This fun and engaging app will teach you geography by letting you touch, pan and zoom all the gorgeous maps from around the world. Much thought and care has been put into the application to be educational but also fun to use.

The app has three modes:

Learn: Here you see the map and its content. If you would like to focus on only a selected part of the map you can choose to hide the parts you want to exclude.

Practice: Here you will pick the appropriate alternative from a list that pops up when you tap on a region, you have three guesses to get it right and will be awarded appropriately.

Exam: Here you will need to pick the right alternative in the same way as for practice but you decide when you want the application to correct the exam - Good luck!

* Maps included:
* North America (Countries and flags)
* USA (Capitals,States,State flags,Cities)
* England (Counties)
* China (regions)
* Canada (Territories)
* Mexico (States)
* South America (Countries, capitals and flags)
* Europe (Countries, capitals and flags)
* Asia (Countries, capitals and flags)
* Africa (Countries, capitals, flags)
* Australia (States and territories, cities)
* France (Cities, regions, departements)
* Sweden (Landskap, cities, län, länsvapen, landskapsblommor, lakes, landskapsvapen, smaller cities, landskapsdjur)
* World oceans and seas
* Spain (provinces, regions)
* Norway counties (fylker)

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