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Injini brings us a terrific collection of learning games for younger children - especially toddlers and preschoolers with cognitive, language, and fine motor delays. The app is stuffed with meaningful content: there are 10 feature games with 90 puzzles, over 100 beautiful illustrations, 8 farm-themed mini-games (great for little animal lovers!), and more. Injini is ideally suited for early intervention. It’s stimulating and feels like a fun game while providing a load of gently challenging opportunities for interaction with the app, promoting the development of fine motor and language skills, as well as spatial awareness, memory and visual processing, and an understanding of cause and effect. Injini is an affordable AAC app for the iPad that is specifically designed for toddlers and preschoolers with delayed speech or severe speech disorders.

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Intuitive and child-friendly, My First AAC helps young children to communicate with family, caregivers, teachers and other people they meet in everyday life.

Developed in collaboration with speech and language pathologists, My First AAC offers icons organized by categories that reflect children’s natural speech development. Scroll through theme-based category icons, such as greetings, food, or feelings, and access sets of over 250 related words and phrases to express frequently used ideas. Each word or phrase is represented by a colorful icon and, when tapped, triggers the corresponding audio. You can also create customized icons using your own images. The touch screen and large icons make interaction much easier for kids with motor skills deficiencies.

Injini Features

  • Intuitive, child-friendly design appropriate for 18 months and older
  • More than 250 icons organized by category
  • Ability to add customized icons, using your own images
  • Child’s voice used in all audio files
  • Choice of boy or girl setting changes voice and corresponding gender of child in icons
  • Animated icons with concepts borrowed from sign language
  • Icons represent words and phrases commonly used by young children
  • Ability to record personal information such as name and phone number
  • Customizable screen layout to display 2 large icons or 8 smaller icons per category

Find out more about My First AAC and Project Injini at our website:

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