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How to ask questions social story

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About My Day With WH Words

My Day With WH Words comprises of a 13 page social story about using words to ask for what you want.  The app includes a section that can be used as a visual prompt or mini communication device for asking for 9 common requests. This app uses a social story and a visual support to help teach wh questions. Asking & answering wh questions is the first step to having a conversation.

The story focuses on why it is important to use words to ask for things that you need or want.  Illustrations and visual prompts support understanding for verbal and less-verbal children alike. 

My Day With WH Words Review

This app is primarily a social story app and its focus is on encouraging children to use words to ask for things that they want. It is a simple idea to many but for those working with children on the autistic spectrum other communication difficulties it can have many important implications. 

The social story is well written and clearly sets out that using words to ask for things will help the child get what they want. It starts out by discussing feelings that children may have and explaining that if you can ask for what you want it may help avoid some negative feelings.   Clear and helpful illustrations provide an important visual support for the child.  Some of the illustrations feature hand signs for the request.

The social story is in American English and the in app voice has an American accent. The hand signs shown are also in American Sign Language.  Some British users my find this a minor problem but there is very little impact upon the relevance of the app in practice.   The sign for “help” (one of the most important requests) is the same in ASL, BSL and Makaton.  The only other hand sign suggested is “more”, which is different to BSL and Makaton but this does not detract significantly from the usefulness of the app.  Users could use their own visuals and hand signs to support children’s communication in conjunction with the app.

The “Use my words” section shows the 9 requests from the social story, each with it’s own visual button.  When the buttons are pressed the in app voice reads the request. The 9 requests are “I want…” a hug, help, bathroom, more, a break, to eat, to drink, a book and “I’m all done.”

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