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About My Daily Living Skills Tracker

The Daily Living Skills Tracker provides step-by-step, visual and auditory instructions to assist users in completing basic hygiene tasks. The app is appropriate for all ages of children on the autism spectrum who require visual cues and prompting to support with daily tasks. Daily Living Skills Tracker will promote and support the independent acquisition of daily living and basic hygiene skills.

My Daily Living Skills Tracker Review

The Daily Living Skills Tracker is an easy to use scheduling application especially made for children on the Autistic Spectrum or children with other related conditions. Many children with Autism have difficulty with changes in routine which can in turn lead to anxiety and frustration. Scheduling or reminder visuals are important tools in supporting with daily living skills removing anxiety and making the world a more predictable place to live in.

The following skills are covered;

  • Washing Face
  • Brushing Teeth
  • Showering
  • Taking a Bath
  • Washing Hands
  • Using the Bathroom

What I like about The Daily Living Skills Tracker, it gives the young person-A step by step visual to complete each task that is accompanied by a voice instruction. Students will benefit with from a ready to use visual and auditory prompt that will promote independence and benefit basic hygiene skills. Parents and teachers can use The Daily Living Skills Tracker not just at home and school, but out in the community when visiting cafes, without the need to create and laminate paper based visuals that all too often go missing.

The app is very easy to use, A 20 second, 30 second, 1 minute and 2-minute timer is available for every task, allowing you to set the amount of time it takes for each. Daily Living Skills Tracker is an intuitive and user-friendly application that allows you to sequence the most basic daily hygiene skills for your child. A task analysis feature enables the monitoring of each task, you can create notes and see how your child is progressing. This feature also has the potential to create notes so you can plan future tasks-For example; if your child has a particular difficulty with an area, you can observe and note this down and adapt the task in the future. The app is also linked to the developers Adaptive Functioning series of books that accompany daily living skill tasks in the application. AUTISMLEARNERS.COM/BOOKS

Overall, The Daily Living Skills Tracker is a very good application. With a few minor updates, it could be an excellent tool for parents and educators. The lack of personalisation features are a potential drawback when compared with apps of a similar nature, the ability to personalise the visuals from a photo gallery would support familiarisation for the child or young person as would the ability to record a voice over. The current cost of the application is also a potential negative. If further areas of daily living skills were to become available and the ability to create your own tasks, then the price would become more attractive.

That being said, The Daily Living Skills Tracker tasks available are clear and easy to follow. You can quickly get the sequences up and running and set the timers easily, a very important feature for an app of this kind. 

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