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This app is first and foremost a colouring app that is aimed at the younger end of the market. However, this doesn't mean that it can only be used by younger users in fact being a colouring app and colouring being linked strongly to positive mental health this app could indeed be used by anyone of any age. That being said this is app will though, predominately be used by those children on the younger end of the scale. The developer's have recognised this and have created the app to help parents engage young children in the content of the app whilst also keeping them busy, something the developers claim is every parents dream!

Teacher Review

This is a colouring app that is aimed at young children to help keep them entertained and busy whilst on the app and to also help them to improve certain key skills such as their fine motor skills in the process.

The app developers recognise that parents are always looking for ways in which to keep their young children entertained as well engaged over a period of time. Technology has provided many ways in which this is possible, especially through apps and as the developer of this app knows young children have a build in interest in colouring in and working their way through wonderful images. It is also important, especially from a parent's perspective that their child wants to keep returning to an app to continue playing, especially if they are investing in an app that they have paid for. This app does cost but there are also free versions that give limited content. To get the full content though and to take away the adds from the app you do have to pay. I do think the current cost is a little on the top end of the market for an app such as this but then the other side of this is that there is a lot of content.

The developer's website contains a lot of information on it that parents, or other potential users can use if they wish to research the product before they purchase it. There are lots of screenshots of some of the pictures available in the app to give a flavour of the kinds of things they are going to be purchasing, as well as showing what the screen looks like for the user with all the colour palettes. The developer can also be contacted from the website too if any users or potential users wish to get in contact with them. On the website the developer has also provided a presentation of who they are to help potential buyers understand more about the developer and give credence to the quality of the developer and their apps too. There is also a portfolio of other apps from the developer too that can be looked at. It is worth mentioning at this point that the developer is based in Russia so a large amount of the content on their website is in Russian and some apps seem to only be available in certain countries too.

Although this is mainly an app for colouring in for young children there are other added benefits of an app such as this. For instance colouring and drawing and the keystones to the development of a young children on their journey to becoming a writer. Using their fingers to trace over lines and fill in colour segments help in a number of ways to improve hand-eye coordination and to develop better fine motor skills, both of which are vitally important to the creation of letter formations. So far from being just a colouring app this app also helps young children to develop the skills they need when they begin to start creating letter shapes and the process of beginning to write.

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Colouring for all tastes and ages, to develop fantasies and spend time having fun. More than 400 coloring pages! NOW 5 FREE PACKAGES!

Every parent knows: keeping the child busy and interested at the same time is not an easy job. And the perfect solution is to involve the child in a game that both delivers fun and educates. "My Coloring Pages" is one such game. This virtual coloring book provides everything to let your child get carried away choosing colors and creatively painting!

This app also features multiple pre-defined palettes and a well thought-out interface that will be crystal clear even to smaller kids. Brushes of varying sizes can fill an enclosed region or paint over the entire picture providing a balanced mix of creative painting and fine motor skills development.

We have created several unique sets of colorings for you, drawn by professional artists specifically for our application. Fully vector images look awesome in any resolution and do not allow color loss. Fast and firm operation of the program won't leave a kid disappointed, and a vast number of additional coloring books will be heating up his interest for a long time.

The application fully supports working with touchscreens.

Before you download this app, please consider that this app contains social media links to connect with others and in-app purchases that cost real money, as well as advertising. In App Purchases from $0.99-$11.99 (When you make a purchase, all advertising will be removed)

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