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Mussila introduces children to and teaches them about the creation of music.  It is available for free and yet it is fully featured, educational, and superbly made.

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Music can be a tricky subject for generalist primary teachers to cover in the classroom and for parents to introduce to their children.  Most people can appreciate music but not so many take a particular interest in the underlying instruments and construction of it.  No doubt this is a problem that feeds into itself as children are given only a limited exposure to the artistry behind the music by parents and teachers who were also deprived of such an opportunity.   Musilla is a superbly designed app that can do much to help address this issue.

Each of the many levels of the app introduces a new part of music and does so in a way that suits its particular aim.  At the start, children match an instrument to the sound being played.  Later, the rhythm of musical notation is the basis of the challenge - players must match the notation on one of two musical staves to the rhythm beaten upon a drum.  A few levels later, pitch is introduced, using a similar answer method.  A bit later again, the interaction increases as children begin to give their answers by playing the short sequence of notes upon an on-screen piano keyboard.

Each of these levels has a crystal-clear focus on its learning goals and supports children in achieving their understanding.  After answering each question, the correct answer is linked back to it.  For example, as the original tune is played again, each of the musical notes lights up to show its correspondence.  A child's literacy ability is immaterial to the learning that can be gained from this app as it uses non-verbal instructions and learning mechanics.

Periodically there are little set pieces to reward children's progress but also continue the education.  The characters found within the app are playing a piece of music and each can be allocated one of various instruments or none at all.  Each instrument fits in with the same music being played and adding and removing one shows how the layering of instruments changes the mood and style of the music.  It is a lovely idea that is really interesting to play with.  The user can even have a try at joining in with the on-screen piano keyboard.

Mussila uses a familiar three-star rating system for each level as seen in many apps and games.  Doing well enough to score a single star allows the player to move on to the next level but the app preserves the number of stars awarded.  This encourages children to return to old levels or to keep practising until they hit a perfect three stars and it suits this sort of app very well.

Parents should consider Mussila as an entertaining app that also has an educational role.   It will also be a great way for teachers to introduce children to the concepts at work within music.  This will work both as a class exercise in which teachers and children view a single display or as a piece of independent learning where each child works through the app at their own pace.  

As you'd expect from an app about music, it sounds great.  Each note is clear and each piece of music well arranged.  The app's visuals are not neglected either, it looks fantastic and has a distinct style of its own that takes cues from the developer's native Iceland.

It is not often that an app is truly free and rarer still that it is the equal of paid-for apps.  Yet Mussila is this and a great deal more.  Its presentation, quality of educational design, and attention to detail place Mussila among the apps that can be wholeheartedly recommended for any school or parent with a suitable device.

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Developer Description

Mussila: Helps Kids Learn Music 20,2% faster.

Mussila is designed to teach kids the principles of music in a fun game. Research shows a significant difference in the understanding of music between groups that have used Mussila and those who have not.

Various research has shown early life music education to be a real brain-booster, even if given in small doses.

Mussila is a music game for children in which they learn the basics in music - no experience required!

Join the Mussila band on their musical journey to help them find their lost instruments and costumes. Based on a musical curriculum Mussila is a fun and creative game that gives kids the basic skills and instruments to play and create their own music.

Travel with the Mussila band and participate in jam sessions with musical monsters, taking place on mountainsides surrounded by mystical creatures. The player progresses through skill building levels, by recognising different instruments and defining rhythms and melodies.

Mussila is based on a thoroughly planned curriculum, made to encourage the child’s self esteem through accomplished and fun play. It is a zero violence and gender neutral adventure in which your child learns musical understanding they can build on for life.


Participate in interactive jam sessions
Customise the Mussila band
Play piano notes
Define rhythms and melodies by ear
Earn new instruments and outfits
Gender neutral
Zero Violence
Simple interface
No in app purchases
No Ads
Engaging skill building levels

About us:
The developer Rosamosi was founded by Margrét Juliana Sigurdardottir, a DipRAM postgraduate from the Royal Academy of Music in London, and computer engineer Hilmar Thor Birgisson. With grants from The Icelandic Technology Fund and Nordic Game Institute, they took off with a talented team of friends and colleagues in early 2015. Based in Iceland, many traits of their Nordic home-country can be found in the scenes of Mussila; volcanoes, lava and glacial rivers that all play a part in the drama and fun. Rosamosi believes in music making being part of our everyday lives and that music education should be available for everyone.
Rosamosi is a part of Kids App Collective, a unique group of award winning app developers from across the globe.

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