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Developer Description

Want to try and expand your practical musical skills? Looking for ear training exercises on-the-go?

MusiLearner helps you to learn and practice by numerous exercises related to ear training and music theory.

Several difficulty levels and settings make this app to your ideal musical companion. Whether in the train, at home sitting on the sofa or on a holiday beach, with MusiLearner you have your ear training teacher always there. And if you want to work undisturbed once, just use your headphones.


From section ear training:

- Melody dictation
- Rhythm dictation
- Chord dictation (with and without inversions)
- Function dictation
- Interval dictation
- Scale dictation

From section music theory:

- Read intervals
- Read chords
- Read scales

For each type of exercise you can previously define various settings. For example, how many intervals you want to practice, how much time you have to answer, what intervals you want to practice, if only perfect intervals, or both minor and major, and much more ...

Available languages: English and German

This is the first version that was released. If you find errors despite careful examination, it would be great if you could inform us before giving this app a negative rating. We always strive to offer quality at a fair price, so it would be great if you would also be fair to us giving us the opportunity to correct errors.
Improvements and other exercise ideas are always welcome. Please use the contact information shown below.

We wish you much success and fun while practicing.

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