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About Music Box Plus: Music Game

Music Box Plus is a music play along app for young children aged approximately 4-8 Years. The child can choose between two instruments to perform on: a children's xylophone with eight keys for simpler melodies, and a piano with twenty-three tones for more advanced ones. They can then select a children's song from a bank of over forty choices and play it on the instrument displayed on the screen, with a visual indication of the key to be pressed. At the same time, the text of the children's song is played on the screen in karaoke style. 

You can turn play mode on or off at any time so that the application plays the selected melody either continuously at the tempo of the piece or note by note, allowing the user to find the note in their own time. The app evaluates the child’s pitch accuracy in performing the melody, showing them immediately if they have played each note correctly or not. The scoreboard in the app tracks the child’s progress across the range of songs. There is also a “Free Play” option which allows the child to play freely and create their own melodies if they wish.

Music Box Plus: Music Game Review

What is Music Box Plus app?

Music Box Plus app is a piano/ xylophone music app for children. It's primary focus is to allow students to play children’s songs on the screen with karaoke-style text. It teaches children to develop their musical ear and notice when they have played the correct notes to form the corresponding melody. It provides a clear introduction to the xylophone and piano and will give the child a basic understanding of pitch and note duration.

What we love about Music Box Plus 

Music Box Plus has a colourful, clear and straightforward design making it easily accessible for young children. When beginning to learn an instrument the amount of signs, symbols and directions can be quite confusing, Music Box Plus simplifies this. 

It focuses on the two key aspects that children need in order to first play a melody – pitch and duration and uses simple symbols to represent this. Additionally the clear scoring system allows the user to quickly see which songs they have been able to play with the highest level of accuracy and which ones they should go back to improve on.

What skills does it improve?

Music Box Plus develops aural awareness and pitch matching skills and also provides a platform for children to experiment with creating their own melodies usingeither a simple xylophone or twenty-three tone keyboard.

What age is it appropriate for?

The app is suitable for young children aged 4-8 years taking their first steps in music and songs. The design is simple and the scope and song choices would be most  appropriate for Reception/Preschool or Primary students.

Is Music Box Plus easy to use?

The activities and exercises in Music Box Plus are easy to understand and use.

How will students benefit?

Music Box Plus is a fun app with the educational benefit of introducing children to the xylophone and piano, tracking their accuracy with playing songs. There is also the option of students seeing the musical score as they play which will introduce them to reading musical notation. The selection of well-known melodies provided within the app mean that students have the best chance of knowing and playing the melodies correctly. The karaoke style words bring a literacy element into the app too and can encourage children to sing and play at the same time. Music Box Plus option of

“Free Play” allows students to experiment with playing the xylophone and piano in their own way and it is possible for more than one note (chords) to be played at the same time.

How will teachers benefit?

Music Box Plus app is useful in helping ascertain whether young children are developing the aural perception needed to recognise when a melody is being played correctly. The note system would allow teachers to introduce the skill of reading musical notation. Music Box Plus app also has a “Free Play” option which would allow a beginner to play a one handed melody that they have been asked to play by their teacher.

How will parents benefit?

Music Box Plus app is inexpensive and a good way for a parent to see whether their child will enjoy playing a musical instrument without actually having to buy a real one. Improving children’s ability to play along with well-known melodies helps to train their musical ear developing pitch recognition skills in a fun and interactive way.

We think Music Box Plus could improve on:

The recent update to Music Box Plus provides a greater range of songs to play along to. The scoreboard and visible scoring system is also very useful with immediate feedback provided to the user. Accuracy of pitch is clearly assessed in the app but a further improvement would be for the scoring system to recognise pitch accuracy and rhythm accuracy separately. This would allow the user to see how they are improving in these two different skills. It would be motivating for the user to be able to compare their scores with a leaderboard of other users too and sharing/collaboration features could be extended.

How much does Music Box Plus cost?

Music Box Plus is free and is inclusive of all content. There are no in-app purchases. To remove all Ads there is a small cost of £0.89 which.

Is Music Box Plus safe to use?

Music Box Plus is entirely safe to use containing no personal data and is without a requirement to sign in. Once the app is downloaded all content is accessible without internet access.

Overall rating of the app:

Music Box Plus is a simple app with a straightforward goal of encouraging younger children to experiment with learning to play simple songs on a xylophone and piano.

If a child wants to try out these instruments, this app is good value with a nice selection of mainly familiar children’s songs. The scoring system shows the child, parents and teachers how the user is progressing through the songs. Music Box Plus provides a straightforward way to gauge children’s initial interest in playing an instrument. This will help children to begin developing aural awareness, pitch matching skills and rhythm.

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