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Music Sparkles – Musical Instruments Collection

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Teacher Overview

Music Sparkles sparks creativity and love of music with its interactive instruments and multi-touch play. The free version of Music Sparkles has users playing 4 octaves of a xylophone and banging away on the drums with accompaniment from 5 other instruments. Use one, two or five fingers to play chords and have a blast adding a rhythm line while the banjo plays a simple tune along with you. Be careful of in-app purchases when locked screens are tapped.

Teacher Review

Music Sparkles allows users to play up to 14 different musical instruments, which include a xylophone, saxophone, harp, and flute, among others. (Please note: Users can only play two instruments for free. The other instruments require an in-app purchase.) After launching the app, users scroll through the instruments and tap the one they wish to play. Next, users can play the selected instrument by tapping it. Users can also play with an accompaniment by tapping the instrument icon on this screen. This allows users to play the instrument they chose while Music Sparkles plays the accompanying instrument.

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  • Music Sparkles – Musical Instruments CollectionMusic Sparkles – Musical Instruments CollectionMusic Sparkles – Musical Instruments CollectionMusic Sparkles – Musical Instruments CollectionMusic Sparkles – Musical Instruments Collection


Music Sparkles brings a world of music to your fingertips. From piano and xylophones to electric guitars - just tap and play. Enjoy spectacular sparkles created by your own music as you play. With the large collection of musical instruments, your little one will be able to develop their musical hearing and future talent!

14 Musical Instruments

  • Cool drum set
  • Amazing Xylophone - with 4 octaves
  • Classic guitar - with 24 notes
  • Electric guitar - with 24 notes
  • Majestic Harp - with 12 strings
  • Hip Saxophone - with 3 octaves
  • Smooth Recorder Flute - with 2 octaves
  • Grand Piano - with 4 octaves
  • Fantastic Accordion - with 2 octaves
  • Awesome Harmonica - with 2 octaves
  • Mystical Pan Flute - with 2 octaves
  • 2 Violins with 8 strings
  • Classic Pipe Organ
  • Synthesizer with 4 octaves

5 Music Loops 
Pick any of 5 different music looks to join in the playful fun:

  • Classic Guitar Loop
  • Authentic African Drums
  • Heep Banjo
  • Majestic Grand Piano Chords
  • Cool Drum Beat

Note: Xylophone, Drum set and vocal notes are totally free with full features. All other musical instruments are available through easy to use in-app purchase.

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