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Music Dictation (Ear Training)

About Music Dictation (Ear Training)

This is a music dictation app for students trying to study ear training or students hearing music dictation class.

Similar to real dictation test, this app play eight notes, then you draw the notes to the score via keyboard.

This App is different from exsting dictation app for next aspects.

- TONAL Melodies Support : Existing apps make notes randomly so that it's not practical.
- Easy Edit : You can modify the parts that you want of whole score easily by moving cursor.


0. Memorize "Reference Pitch" via playing Keyboard.

1. Listen a music via clicking Listen Button.

2. The gray part in the score is the Edit Position. If you play the keyboard, a note will be painted at the Position & the Edit Position move to next measure.

3. If you want to modify a note, move the Edit Position by clicking the measure & play keyboard again. You can delete all of the notes by Reset Button.

4. When you finish draw all notes, confirm whether correct or incorrect by Check Button. If it's correct, O is appeared at first box, if not, X is appeared. In case of latter, mismatched notes will be changed to red color & correct note will be displayed. You can listen the music again by Listen Button.
If the three boxes is fulfilled by O, level is up,
If the three boxes if fulfilled by X, level is down.

5. If you finished one problem, return to process #1 by Next Button.

** You can register your records to the server at the registration menu.
just input a nickname, then you can find your record at the ranking menu.
The ranking is provided by a Web page, so that you can access it via other platform.

If you have any trouble, please let me know by email.
I will modify the problem as soon as possible.

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