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Muscle System Pro III

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Muscle System Pro III is used by most universities and is now the standard learning/reference tool for students and medical professionals.

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Developer Description

The professional apps by 3D4Medical are rapidly becoming the de facto choice for anatomy visualization on the iPad. Muscle System Pro III is no exception."

"Muscle System Pro III is a great option for users who wish to have a completely customizable human anatomy app."

"This is a 3D powerhouse of interactive anatomy that every doctor, chiropractor, nurse practitioner and massage therapist should own, not to mention every medical student or anyone interested in human anatomy."

- Tuaw

"The images really are stunning when seen on the iPad."
– Clinical journal of Sports Medicine Blog.


  • 360 horizontal degree rotation of any body part - with a swipe of your finger.
  • Rotate vertically for inferior and superior for unique views where applicable.
  • 10 layers of superficial and deep muscle.
  • New 3D level with insertion / origin points mapped onto bone.
  • 215 animations of every movement of each articulation (flexion, extension, etc.)
  • 425 audio pronunciations, for every label.
  • Draw on any screen image and then share it through email, Facebook or Twitter.
  • 2 types of Quiz, Drag and Drop and Multi-choice - with ability to test on specific areas or muscles.


  • Interface: Completely rebuilt to allow for simple navigation.
  • Mix layers: Make one layer semitransparent to compare against another layer.
  • Public Notes: Post or browse through shared public notes.
  • Graphical Hints: On screen hints that can be turned on or off, for a complete understanding of all the app's features.

Muscle System Pro III’s primary use is as a learning tool but it can also be used as a fast and innovative reference tool by utilizing the index function that allows the user to select a muscle and the app will automatically zoom in and identify it. Additionally, this app is ideal for physicians, educators or professionals, in helping to locate a muscle and / or explain its relevance for certain conditions, ailments and injuries.

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