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This is the best educational app winner at the BETT show in 2014. The app is amazing and children will really enjoy working with it. It’s the closest thing to a text-book, exercise book and interactive lesson rolled into one. Our verdict is that the app wholeheartedly deserves the EAS Certification of 5 Stars and EAS Recommended Status. 

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The app contains very easy explanations that help to build the concept of multiplication right from the beginning of a 1 or a 2 times table to long- multiplication. It works as a teaching tool as well as a way for students to test themselves. It has very clear learning outcomes, all the content is based on the new national curriculum and the app also tracks and assesses progress in learning.

Students can email results on the tests to their tests as they work in the classroom. The tests are split up into different levels in order to split up the concepts.  Level 1 looks at 2,5,10 and 3, 4 and 8 times tables. Level 2 does all the times tables until 12x12 and then tests 2 and three digit number multiplication as well as multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000. Level 3 incorporates all number multiplications and long-multiplication of up to four digit numbers to a single digit.  All of the levels look at solving missing number and word problems. The app includes excellent tips on understanding the logic behind multiplication and on how to do long-multiplication in basic as well as grid-box method. This is a great way to use logic in order to find the answers to questions (and also to begin using division as a concept). Daydream Education has really thought about the pedagogical aspects within this app as teachers can also split the classroom into different levels in order to personalise learning.

We really like the way that the app has been designed as it uses very vivid colours and concepts that are organised in boxes to make it easier to remember the lessons. Both teachers and learners will find it very easy to navigate the app so there should be no problems in using it in the classroom and at home. Moreover, teachers can use the app for either independent or group learning. 

Sometimes apps are amazing on one level but have other things missing that would make it an exception app. However, this app has really been well-thought through and it ticks all the boxes to make it a fantastic app that some other educational apps should benchmark against. 

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  • Multiplication - Daydream EducationMultiplication - Daydream EducationMultiplication - Daydream EducationMultiplication - Daydream EducationMultiplication - Daydream Education


++BEST EDUCATIONAL APP WINNER++ at 2014 Bett Awards: world’s largest education tech event. This fun interactive app is packed full of engaging educational content and stimulating assessment activities!

The Multiplication app allows users to learn and practice a wide range of multiplication skills, including times tables to 12, long multiplication and multiplying by powers of ten.


- Interactive multiplication chart
- Step-by-step video presentations
- 3 randomly-generated levelled quizzes
- Times tables tests
- Long multiplication tests ñ covers box and traditional methods
- Missing number activity
- Achievement and progress reporting
- Integrated notepad
- Developed in-line with the new national curriculum

The Multiplication app combines a colourful and visual approach to learning with simple but informative content to deliver a highly effective learning experience.


When users first enter the app they are presented with a colourful interactive menu that enables quick navigation to any of the topics or features (fun features).

To navigate through the app, users can either pan right or left through the main screens or return to the main menu and select their desired location.

The majority of screens contain multiple pages that can be accessed by scrolling down. Every screen in the app contains clear and concise information and caters for audible, visual and kinaesthetic learners.


The Multiplication app contains three fun interactive games and three assessment quizzes. These features reinforce the key information presented throughout the app and enable users to test themselves on the information covered. In each game and quiz the questions are randomly generated, providing a varied and new learning task every time.

All fun features results are recorded in a simple yet effective progress report, which helps users identify their level of attainment and keep track of progress.

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