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Mulle Meck builds a car

  • iPad, iPhone
  • Paid
  • age 3+

About Mulle Meck builds a car

Mulle Meck builds a car — a children's book is an application that tells the story of an inventor and his dog and is based on the series of children’s books by the author George Johansson and illustrator Jens Ahlbom. The app book explains how the talented inventor Mulle Muck creates a car explaining to children how to assemble various mechanisms along the way. The app is suitable for ages 5 and under but can be enjoyed by the whole family. The application is free from in-app purchases but does have adverts to other games, however, these are supported by a parental lock.

Teacher Review

Upon opening the application, the user is greeted with a company splash screen followed by a beautifully presented home screen. The home screen consists of a number of selections which include:

‘For Parents’ icon – it is good to see that this has a parental addition lock which is externally linked to the developer’s website with useful information about the application as well as ways to contact them.

‘More games’ icon– Again this is supported with a parental lock and is externally linked to other games from the developers on the Appstore.

‘The Flag’ icon – The application supports four languages which is a great feature. The developers could consider adding more languages in future updates.

‘Rate us’ icon – Again this parental lock feature externally links to the Appstore to rate the application.

‘The Information’ icon – This provides the credits from the developers.

The ‘Read’ icon – The user is introduced into the book where the text can be read.

The ‘Listen’ icon - The user is introduced into the book where they can listen to the story of the book and follow the text.

Once the ‘Listen’ or ‘Read icon’ has been selected the child is introduced into the wonderful world of Mulle and his dog Buffa. We love the quality of the illustrations and the interactive features of each page. The ‘Listen’ page also provides text at the bottom of the screen which can be turned on and off using the top icon. This is an excellent feature for younger readers to follow along. We would like however to see the addition of a repeat icon for the user to follow the text once again. We also noticed that the follow along text is in capitals which is notoriously difficult for younger readers to follow as they are taught only lower case and prominent capitals at this age. This is different in the reading version.

Our young readers really loved exploring the interactive features which are great fun. Maybe the developers could consider a small prompt for any features that have not been pressed as our users tended to press the screen randomly in case they had missed one.

The ‘Listen’ and ‘Read’ page is also accompanied by a ‘Home’ button to return to the main menu and a ‘Scene’ icon where the user can choose the page they liked the most. The assembly of the wheels on the car seemed to be our users favourite page.

The narration is calm and easy to understand in any language. The cheeky mouse plays a prominent part in the story and we would like to see him on every page. Not only does the book provide excellent story telling but is also wonderfully informative and its explains the cars construction in a child friendly manner. The story is refreshing in the fact that it is neutral without any villains or unrealistic plot.

Mulle Meck builds a car is an excellent application for children. The whole family will enjoy the educational aspects of the cars creation and younger children will love exploring each page. We did feel that the story was quite short and left our users wanting more. Some felt that they would like to create their own cars and tell their own story. We appreciate that this may be available in other applications from the developers.

This app comes highly recommended by the Educational App Store.

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iPad, iPhone


Cognitive Development
Communication Skills
Creative Development
Thinking & Reasoning


In-App Purchases - No

In-App Advertising - Yes - 1st Party



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  • Mulle Meck builds a carMulle Meck builds a carMulle Meck builds a carMulle Meck builds a carMulle Meck builds a car


Congratulations! You can now download the first book of the educational series "Mulle Meсk builds…" to your iPad or iPhone. Read, play, interact and learn as Mulle Meck builds his car.

Make the cows moo and the engine work! Each page offers animations for your child to explore.

There are many tasks that your child can help Mulle Meck with. Set up a wheel, or help Mulle choose the right key!
Everything is for real.

Listen to the story, or read it by yourself.

• Learn how a car works together with Mulle Meck;
• Educational information about how the mechanisms work in the car and how to use the tools;
• New animations on every page;
• Some animations are hidden. Can you find them all?
• Help Mulle Meck with different tasks;
• The stunning original artwork of the book is enhanced with new features;
• Karaoke button for children who learn to read.
Set the subtitles on the screen and follow when the narrator
read his story;
• All artwork is approved by illustrator Jens Ahlbom.

Who is Mulle Meck?

Books about Mulle Meck and his dog Buffa have conquered Sweden and have been published in more than ten countries. Mulle Meck is a talented inventor, and in each book he creates and explains kids how to assemble mechanisms which we and our kids work with every day.
This first-class digital version of the book has been developed in cooperation with author George Johansson and illustrator Jens Ahlbom.

This is the first in a series of educational Mulle Meck-apps. Follow us on our blog for information about releases, updates and the creative process.

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