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Mr Thorne's Phonics Safari consists of eight levels, each covering a different group of letter sounds, and four different game types for each of these levels in this app.  The games are quick to play, each featuring nine questions.  Children attempt to answer as many questions as possible to reveal the hidden animals. 

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Welcome to Mr Thorne Does Phonics: Safari.

The newest phonics app from Mr Thorne and the 18th educational app overall since the hugely successful Mr Thorne Does Phonics video series on Youtube which has had over 10 million viewers in the last 6 years.

This app has been created by Mr Thorne, a current UK primary teacher making it relevant and useful to children, parents, teachers, trainee teachers and anyone learning to read English. Mr Thorne Does Phonics is designed to meet the demands of the forthcoming Phonics Screening tests in schools. The app features 4 games to help with sound recognition, word recognition, phoneme to grapheme correspondence and grapheme to phoneme correspondence.

For ages 3 to 8 but can be used with older children.


a b c d e f ff g h i j k ck l ll m n o p qu r s ss t u v w x y z zz ch th th ng ai ee igh oa oo oo ow oi ur er or ar air ear ure al aw ay ea ew ey ie ir wh ie ea ch sh y y ou ue ph oy dg ow silent letters zh schwa soft c soft g a-e i-e o-e u-e

As the user completes the mini-quizzes they will build their points total to discover 64 animals for the Safari Park.

Can your child complete the Safari hunt?

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