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Mr.shape's TouchCard

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Developer Description

Released the new add-on "Pack 3" which includes 9 new cards.
Free giveaway campaign. Rate the app in App Store, win a special card!

"Pack 3" includes 9 new cards such as "Loupe", "Hamburger", "Record", "Elephant", "SuperBall", "Parrot", "Clock", "Ship" and "Balloon".
You can enjoy Free 10 cards as a free app.

Mr.shape has his own Twitter account - @mr_shape_en
Follow him!

The first app from "Mr.shape", an original animation film created by KOO-KI.
KOO-KI is a creative studio which works on all types of motion image media.
Touch, play and learn.It's an unique educational app.

"Mr.shape's TouchCard" is a picture cards app for kids.
There are various picture cards.
With touching the card by fingers, you can make a sound and/or move each parts of the picture.

Enjoy the fun and intuitive motion of the cards.
Also you can play as silhouette quiz, or "guess the name" game, with hiding its name and color.

*What is "picture-card"?
A card with an illustration and its name. It's to show children for learning things on educational purpose.

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