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MOVING BOOKS! Jajajajan : Kids'n Songs & Books

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Teacher Overview

This is a splendid application that draws children into discovering all the fascinating things about their body in an engaging and funny way. 

Teacher Review

Moving Books! Jajajajan, is essentially a sing and read along application of Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales. The combination of text, moving graphics and song give it a chirpy feel designed to engage the child and help them memorise the words and relate to the story line.

Downloading the application is a fairly straightforward task and the child is launched immediately into the start screen, with a choice of a number of options. The screen is laid out well and brightly coloured with some jolly background music, which can be disabled. The background of the screen is animated with twinkly stars, rolling green hills and a furry creature dangling down which can be touched to create a whizzing sound. The menu option, with a graphic of an old wooden noticeboard, leads you to a parental gate and asks you to enter the number displayed, this in turn leads you to a further menu of seven options. The first option in the parent gateway that leads you to a well constructed help guide on how to play the game. The settings option lets you switch on or off the songs or books on offer. Further options include the ‘Terms of Service’, ‘Privacy Policy’ and ‘Company’ which lead you to the company web site with further information, the links do not return you to the menu but clicking on the app places you back in the parent gateway. The parent gateway also provides an email link to the company and an initialisation option, which reinstalls the whole app again.

Back at the main start screen I chose the songs section and played the forever-popular “Mary Had A Little Lamb” nursery rhyme. After an initial delay for the data to be downloaded, (which enables off-line playing) displayed before you is a rather amusing interpretation of the rhyme, with bright coloured cartoon figures of Mary and some sheep dancing to the tune, sung rather earnestly by a young American girl and the words to the tune are displayed in sync with the song. The story unfolds with further brightly coloured graphics of the scenes and the teacher eventually expelling Mary for taking her little lamb to school. The songs section has a choice of twelve rhymes with the same generic delivery processes, some of which I am not familiar with but they are all as equally jolly.

The book section contained nine books combining the familiar with the not so familiar. I clicked on the ‘Three Little Pigs’ book and the story unfolded with some simple but effective animations developed in a style of stick puppets, slightly amusing noise animations and narrated by an enthusiastic American lady. I enjoyed watching ‘Momotaro’ a story I was not familiar with.

All stories and songs had links out to other applications that bore no relationship to the application and some of which were not age appropriate. My grandchildren, who are avid users of educational apps, were not engaged for very long in the songs or stories and I sensed that they needed a little more interaction with the story line to involve them for a longer period.

This application has some amusing features and the concept of the programme is very good, however the substance and style would not rank it in my top ten toddler chart.

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Teacher Ratings

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In-App Purchases - Yes

In-App Advertising - Yes - 3rd Party

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Cognitive Development
Communication Skills
  • MOVING BOOKS! Jajajajan : KidsMOVING BOOKS! Jajajajan : KidsMOVING BOOKS! Jajajajan : KidsMOVING BOOKS! Jajajajan : KidsMOVING BOOKS! Jajajajan : Kids


"When kids launch this app they will in fact be launching a world of fun... Fabulous sound effects, animations, and music"-

7 Free Stories and Songs to Enjoy
MOVING BOOKS! Jajajajan is an educational app for kids, filled with delightfully animated stories and songs such as
“Three Little Pigs”
“Jack and the Beanstalk”
“The Other Day I Met a Bear”
and more. Watch, read, listen, dance and singalong. Prince Jajaja and his whimsical kingdom of characters are ready to help your kids learn and play.

Every Moment a Chance to Discover
• Animated fairy tales and songs delivered right to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. There’s always time for a nursery rhyme.
• Great for travel. Watch offline. No internet connection required to play downloaded content.
• In-app purchases can be synced across all devices with the same operating system.
• Loads of fun at parties. Have a singalong. Works with AirPlay.
• Ideal for toddlers and preschool kids.
• Share stories and songs together at bedtime, circle time, and story time.
• No advertisements, no social media integration & child-friendly interface.
• No subscription required.

Read and Listen
Traditional folktales, fables, bedtime stories and popular fairy tales come to life in delightfully animated scenes. Words appear on screen so your child can follow along.

Singalong and Dance
Sing along in a karaoke jam to animated children's songs such as “Let's Clap Our Hands” . Easy dance moves your little ones can quickly learn reinforce basic motor skills, self-expression, and communication skills. Note vocals cannot be switched off.

Free Storybooks and Songs Included
“Three Little Pigs”
“The Little Match Seller”
“Jack and the Beanstalk”
“Kasajizou” (a Japanese folk tale)
“Let's Clap Our Hands”
“Oh Vreneli”
“The Other Day I Met a Bear”
All books and songs are produced exclusively for MOVING BOOKS! Jajajajan.

Additional Books and Songs Available Through In-app Purchase*
“Omusubi Kororin”
“The North Wind and the Sun”
“The Golden Axe”
“The Boy Who Cried Wolf”
“The Dog and Its Reflection”
“The Ugly Duckling”
“Kachi-kachi Mountain”
“The Musicians of Bremen”
“The Little Mermaid”
“Little Red Riding Hood”
“The Emperor's New Clothes”
“Welcome to the Snowman’s Party!”
“Mirno's Adventures”
“Oops…Kitty Cat”
“Sesame miso”
“Rabbit Dance”
“Little fox”
“Red Shoes”
“Seagull sailors”
“Bento box song”
“Mary had a little lamb”
“Buzz buzz buzz”
“Under the chestnut tree”
“Yankee Doodle”
“Twinkle twinkle little star”
“Open and close your hands”
“Pigeon song”
“The Ogre’s Short Pants”
“If you are happy and you know it”
“Froggy's song”
“Acorn Boy”
“My grandfather's clock”
“Fun Rainy Day”
“Mountain Musicians”
and more! (*available now and coming soon.)

Age Recommendation
Infants to preschool (ages 0-8)

We take raising awareness of privacy and safety seriously. MOVING BOOKS! Jajajajan does not collect personally identifiable information. Anonymous performance data is tracked to improve app development. This app allows in-app purchases. There is no social media integration. One in-app link behind a parental gate will take you to our Privacy Policy via your device’s browser.

If certain songs or stories cannot be viewed, there may have been an error when downloading the content. If the download/install button does not re-appear, please uninstall and then re-install this app.

When the app is re-installed, the bookshelf on the Home screen may be reset, but any purchased content can be downloaded again for free by tapping the Restore icon ("i mark" at the bottom left corner of the Home screen).

To use AirPlay, make sure AirPlay is ON, before launching the app. To watch videos full screen, please make sure mirroring is off.

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