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From the Developer

‣ Use Move and Match to create projects for school or just for fun at home – Move and Match is for teachers / parents / friends / students
‣ Free downloads via Dropbox - see final ⓘ screen

Feature list:

‣ Teachers – make projects for students
‣ Parents – make projects for children
‣ Children – make projects for friends or fellow students
‣ Choose Make to create and share projects – this can be a teacher / parent / fellow student / friend
‣ Choose Use for students to only interact with an existing project but not change it
‣ Send a Move and Match file to other iPads which have Move and Match installed
‣ Send an image of your project by email – JPG or PNG or PDF
‣ Save your projects by emailing them or store them in the Move and Match folder
‣ Create background pictures for gap fill activities or vocabulary activities
‣ No advertisements

Main uses:

‣ Match letters for younger learners
‣ Make phonics projects for younger learners
‣ Match words and images for vocabulary for language learners
‣ Make pelmanism-style / memory card activities for education or fun
‣ Use for math problems with any learners
‣ Create a photo dictionary with labels and example sentences
‣ Take a photo with the camera and label it for vocabulary practice
‣ Use instead of Cuisenaire rods for language or math students
‣ Use gap fill activities for vocabulary or comprehension with a background image exported from Keynote or PowerPoint – visit our Tumblr for help
‣ Move words to create sentences
‣ Move multiple words to complete sentences
‣ Move full sentences to create paragraphs
‣ Reorder paragraphs to finish a story
‣ Reorder items into timelines for history or biography
‣ Reorder grammar items
‣ Make class projects and share them

More information and ideas:

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