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Mouse House bedtime game

About Mouse House bedtime game

A calming and fun update to the traditional bedtime story.

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The idea behind this app is to add an extra layer to the bedtime story.  It is easy to see this app being used by parent and child together and also by children enjoying a last few minutes alone on their tablet before they go to sleep.

The app describes the story of Mouse’s attempt to get to sleep one night.  Cleverly, the barriers to Mouse’s goal are representative of the broad reasons that children may struggle with getting off to sleep.  Unfinished tasks, missing cuddly toys and a troubled conscience are dealt with as well as the time honoured tactic of counting sheep.  Each of these has an enjoyable task to complete and will prompt children to think about how their day’s activities may impact on their night time rest.

Mouse’s unfinished job involves matching laces to shoes and the player is invited to help with this task.  The missing cuddly toy must be tracked down by searching high and low for Mouse’s favourite bedtime companion.  Mouse’s conscience is salved by the user helping Mouse to gain forgiveness from Hamster for accidentally breaking his monocycle.  To count sheep, children find all of the woolly creatures in a field.  Progress through them is simple and there are no sticking points to navigation; it is always perfectly clear how to progress.

Visually this app is a delight.  Each element of the beautifully drawn graphics is of a consistent style and is all pulled together by overlaying a subtly textured canvas.  As beautiful as these pictures are when static it is the animations that really make this app special.  No screen is without some form of movement, ensuring the user’s interest.  One section needs particular mention and that is the counting sheep page. This is replete with sheep whose characterisation and antics when tapped will bring a smile to even an adult’s face.

In line with its purpose of easing children off to sleep, the app’s story and instructions are portrayed by a narrator whose gentle tones relax while they lead children through Mouse’s attempts to fall asleep.  This narrator ensures that children’s independent access to this app will not be limited by their reading ability.  Gentle music also plays where appropriate. 

Features and settings of the app, such as in-app purchases, that parents might not want children to fiddle with, are safely locked away behind arithmetic questions.  Children likely to be using this app will not be able to complete them but adults, with a bit of thinking, will.

This app is perfectly designed for its role as bedtime companion. None of the tasks are over stimulating and its design exudes a soothing calmness.  It isn’t a particularly long app but this fits in well with its purpose.  The witty and entertaining results from interactions with the on-screen elements do give it a longevity though, as children will look forward to viewing them again.  This app has every chance of being a child’s favourite way of ending their day.

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  • Mouse House bedtime gameMouse House bedtime gameMouse House bedtime gameMouse House bedtime gameMouse House bedtime game


MOUSE HOUSE bedtime game shows to the kids the importance of listening to your conscience, the power of apologize and rectifying mistakes.

Available for iPad 2 and higher.

MOUSE HOUSE is a unique app that combines the bedtime story and a game. The bedtime ritual gains new dimensions and helps in the moral education of your child!

This game tells the story about one little Mouse that couldn't fall asleep. Your child must help the Mouse to remember what she forgot to do. Maybe brush her teeth and drink some hot milk? Or water the flowers, and find the favorite toy? And maybe – the Mouse had to understand that the conscience is the reason why she cannot fall asleep ... And she has to apologize to her friend, to rectify the situation and then go to sleep with a clear conscience!

- 3 stories: about Hamster, Froggy and Squirrel
- A story about a hamster is for free, the other two – just for $1.99!
- Mini-games that teach children how to prepare themselves for the bedtime
- Excellent animation from the British studio Persistent Peril
- A nice, soothing music
- An important lesson on how to hear the voice of conscience
- 6 languages: English, German, Spanish, Ukrainian, Chinese, Russian

Also, you can get acquainted with our interactive book “Son of the Sun and Wizard Lizard”, which had won a number of awards. This book helps parents in the emotional, intellectual and spiritual development of their children. "Son of the Sun and Wizard Lizard" beautifully illustrated, highly interactive, and most importantly – provides an important lesson for every kid. Be ready to forgive – and goodness will fill the world!

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Kidappers is the developer of the apps and interactive books for kids and their parents. Our mission is to create unique products for helping parents in upbringing their kids on the good moral base in a child-friendly, interactive, gaming format.

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