Mother Gray and Little Blue

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This is an interactive story book from the developers that also produced the popular and successful Jonty – the dinosaur who would not go to sleep interactive storybook. Both the graphics and sounds within the app really help to set the scene and the story itself is just as good as any award winning picture book. The story follows Mother Gray, a whale, and her child whale as they travel through their migration north to the feeding grounds. 

Teacher Review

This app is an interactive story book and is certainly one of the best that I have come across for quality of content in regards to the story and certainly in sound and graphic quality too. However there are also a couple of added bonuses that really add to the gameplay of the app and the learning that could take place throughout it too.

Usually an interactive storybook is just that, a story that the user can interact with in parts but where a story is usually read out to the user. Sometimes there is an option for the user to read the book at their own pace and not have the app read aloud to them (this app certainly has that option) but that is as far as they usually go. However, Mother Gray and Little Blue is different in the sense that there are a number of different ways that the user can access the content, maximising the learning as they go along. The user has the option, as you would expect, to have the story read to them or for the user to read themselves. This is good in a story based app as it means that different ages and abilities can access the app and the same user can come back to the app and use it in a different way once they have become a more fluent reader. It can also be used as a way to help young children learn how to read as the words that are being read out are highlighted so the user can link the words to the sounds. 

However, unlike most story based apps, there is the ability for the user to click any word, whatever version it is in, and have the word read out loud for them. This really helps when it comes to learning how to read. Further to this, there is another fun, interactive element within the story where the user can click on the ‘Add to Story’ option on the homepage and as they work their way through the book, collect keys that open treasure chests on the page. This encourages the user to not only enjoy and interact with the story but also learn important visual literacy skills. They can be encouraged to look more at the pictures and the story they are telling, making inferences outside of those that the words are telling. Not only is this an enjoyable process, especially for a parent, but also one that engages the reader in developing the key skills that will help their development in not just reading through words but also reading through pictures.

Overall this is an excellent example of a story book, based app and one that is elevated above its peers in the market by the added qualities that it contains. Both my 3 and 6 year olds enjoyed this app in completely different ways and my interaction with them also differed, giving the app a multi-dimensional quality that a lot of other apps lack.

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From the Developer

Mother Gray and Little Blue is an interactive story about an inquisitive baby whale and his long migration north to winter feeding grounds with his mother. On their journey they meet many other ocean inhabitants and Little Blue learns about the world around him.

Mother Gray and Little Blue is aimed at children who are learning to read and is great for parents and children to
enjoy together. Children can interact with the story and help bring the character’s adventures to life.

The main features of the app include:

- Beautiful illustrations and background music.
- Fun interactive animations and sounds.
- Specially selected main text font which has letter forms appropriate for beginner readers.
- Easy-to-use navigation includes the ability to return to the main menu at any time, and to move forwards and backwards through the pages.
- Four modes that allow you to interact with the story in different ways:
* You can choose to have the story read to you by a narrator, or you can read it yourself. If your child gets stuck on reading a word you can tap on the individual words to have them read out by the narrator.
* If you would prefer to not interact with the story at all then you can select the ‘Auto Play’ mode.
* In the creative ‘Add To Story’ mode, you can drag & drop additional items onto the page, such as a submarine or a mermaid.

For added security and parental peace of mind, this app transmits no personal information and contains no ads or in-app purchases.

Mother Gray and Little Blue is compatible with IOS 9.1 and above, the iPad®, iPad Mini, iPhone 4 and above, and the iPod touch.

To download the app you may require a Wi-Fi connection. This is because, depending on your network provider and download limits, the size of the app may be above some device’s data limits.

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