Monument Valley 2

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About Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 has perfected the visual style of the original game. It's deeper, more touching, more creative, more colorful, and it looks even prettier in its own eery, dystopian, dreamy way, but it still does not feel fully like a game. It feels more like an interactive novel where words are replaced with a beautiful amalgamation of metaphors and symbols: an impossible world that keeps on changing, a serene, pensive soundtrack and a few philosophical sentences to glue it all together very well.

Monument Valley 2 Review

In Monument Valley, you guide Princess Ida through evocative, geometric worlds. Ida is controlled by pressing the screen where you want her to go and if she is stuck you have to turn on different loose parts of the board. The goal of the game is simply to get Ida to the goal. At first, this is not particularly difficult, but naturally the more challenging you get the longer you come. This is a game that is difficult to put down, partly because of the music and because you are fascinated by the "impossible" geometric figures that occasionally appear.

Monument Valley is a fun and good tool as long as you create tasks that fit the game. Using a game in the math lesson is likely to be motivating for many students, and with the task we have suggested, the lesson could also lead to learning. Monument Valley is an exciting supplement to education, but will not be a pure substitute for other education.

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