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About Montessori Preschool

Montessori Preschool is crammed full of high-quality learning activities for young children. It packages them into an environment that encourages exploration and stress-free learning. Montessori Preschool is available to download for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android devices. There are in-app purchases available. To unlock even more content by subscribing starting at £5.99

Montessori Preschool Review

Ever since Dr Montessori popularised her teaching methods in the early twentieth century, there have been many advocates of her ideas. Their holistic approach and emphasis on the importance of a child's earliest years have been employed by many classroom practitioners over time and there has been a continuous demand for them. Many parents have paid for extra educational support for their children based on the Montessori approach. 

What we love about the Montessori Preschool

The contents accessible through Montessori Preschool has been developed by experienced Montessori teachers and their teaching strategy underpins its design. There is a huge amount of learning activities and content available within the platform.

Numeracy, literacy, shapes, colours, early coding and more are covered. Each subject is represented by a swathe of activities that encourage children to engage with the learning available. Children drag, tap, and trace their way through these colourful activities. They always know what to do because each one is explained by a natural-sounding voice. 

The activities and how they are interacted with are linked very well with the learning that a young child is beginning to undertake. In numeracy, children count objects, match them with written digits, and learn to write these digits. In literacy, letters, their names and their sounds are introduced and children learn to write them. They go onto learning words and reading sentences. Here they form handwritten letters, type them into a typewriter and match words and items. 

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Is the Montessori Preschool easy to use?

Considering how many different graphical elements there are in Montessori Preschool, it is amazing that the developers have taken so much care to add little touches. Virtually everything in the app responds to a tap. It might be a sound or short animation but it really encourages children to explore. Even simple interactions, like typing in words, feel more entertaining because they are built around a typewriter exercise.

There aren't just the typical subjects of maths and literacy. Children can get creative with art tasks and begin to learn about logic and coding too. These continue the principles of the other subjects and children learn through experimenting, playing, and exploring. There's even an additional language learning section. 

These well-designed educational activities can be accessed through a virtual school where children can travel along the corridor and enter the room with the activities that appeal to them at that time. This is very much a central tenet of the Montessori approach that holds that children learn best when they are free to explore and act freely within an environment that is prepared to be educational. 

It all comes together very well. The activities are beautifully presented, welcoming, and clearly of educational merit. The explorational aspect and sheer variety and number of activities mean that children feel that they are making meaningful choices and following their own current interest through the app: very Montessori and a very compelling educational experience. 

Does the Montessori Preschool take up a lot of space on my device? 

Of course, an application full of content is bound to be quite a substantial download. The initial installation of the app will take a while and then the downloading of the full content after you sign in takes a bit longer. All of this depends on your internet speed, of course, but you'd be wise to install and set up this app on Wi-Fi at home rather than on the go. 

The download is intelligently done to fit in with your device's available storage space. While browsing through the learning activities, your child might find some that are inaccessible because they need some space freed up so that they can be brought in to the app. This can be a little frustrating but it is better than an all or nothing approach that forces the deletion of other apps you might prefer to keep. Also by pulling in as much content as possible from the start, children aren't dissuaded from exploring for fear of having to begin downloading. 

Overall Rating

Montessori Preschool is stunning and is absolutely crammed with content that is beautifully designed and educationally useful. Parents of children under 7 should definitely take a good look at Montessori Preschool, try it out on its free trial, and not be surprised when they choose to take up a full subscription.

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