Montessori Phonics Reading Joy

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From the Developer

This app is designed for sweet little children who understand phonics, alphabets and short vowel phonics. Also, they have started to read stories with short words on their own. They like to read and enjoy rhyming stories with short vowel words.

This app is like a colourful multimedia interactive book, which allows children to read on their own, with control over sentences, which can be read as well as tap & listen to words or story. The UI is designed and optimised for little ones to engage and read for hours. The text and story is designed from various text books and learning from testing it with many children. This app believes and reinforces a strong Montessori system of education where children not only learn but explore on its own. The preschool to early years foundation stage children would be delighted if they can read on their own. It acts as a reinforcement of their beliefs which they have in themselves.

Provides 5 beautifully crafted short stories to engage and learn through visual spatial techniques. Technology and education can be a winning combination and best teacher in its own rights.

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