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Montessori Maths: Add & Subtract Large Numbers

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Teacher Overview

Montessori Math: Add, Subtract is a wonderful kindergarten app. Children will work on a variety of activities championed by the Montessori program.

Teacher Review

Montessori Math: Add, Subtract includes three progressive activities that help children understand abstract operations. This app uses a Dynamic Progression Algorithm to move students from level one to level four as children demonstrate mastery of each new concept.

Kids can learn the concepts and methods behind adding and subtracting large numbers, including carrying and borrowing. Kids can also learn to apply the Base 10 system to problems involving larger numbers, and practice using the Montessori system of color-coding. As kids work to solve larger addition and subtraction problems and play the games under time pressure, they are also growing in math operations proficiency and speed.
This app is a powerful educational tool, and children will enjoy having the opportunity to interact with each activity as they build a conceptual understanding of addition and subtraction.

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Developer Description

Designed by teachers and Award winning app developers, Montessori Maths: Add & Subtract Large Numbers presents an in-depth, step-by-step approach to these two essential operations. It also presents fundamental Montessori materials: the stamp game and the bead frame.More importantly, this app makes the concepts of “exchanging” (carrying/borrowing) so obvious that even adults will be surprised.


  • Our exclusive Dynamic Progression Algorithm to follow each child’s progress individually.
  • 4 pre-determined levels.
  • Color-coded place values to allow children to easily identify thousands, hundreds, tens and units.
  • 3 activities to learn: the stamp game, the bead frame and the magic slate.
  • 3 games to practice: Missing Digits, Wiz Quiz and Bubble Game.
  • A number range from 0 to 9,999.
  • A “Monster lab” for added fun and motivation.
  • “Advanced settings” containing even more options.
  • A detailed "Note to parents" explaining the pedagogy behind each game.
  • 15 languages
  • Retina display.
  • Universal app (iPhone, iTouch, iPad, iPad Mini).
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