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About Montessori Activities

Montessori Activities app is a parent and teacher tool that provides lesson inspiration across a range of topics. The lessons are varied in length and in what they teach, but they are all underpinned by the Montessori ethos. The app is aimed at parents and teachers of 3 to 7-year olds and is available on both Android and iOS devices. The free app contains a huge range of free activity samples to use.

Montessori Activities Review

What is Montessori Activities app?

Montessori Activities app is for parents and teachers and is full of activity ideas. These ideas are built upon the Montessori method, famous around the world for its constructivist approach, which harnesses children's natural inquisitiveness. Children don't use the app. Parents and teachers use it as a source of inspiration and ideas that they then use to give children the chance to learn through curiosity, play, and interest. This Montessori Activities app review will show how well it meets its aims.

What we love about Montessori Activities?

As much as technology can enhance education, it should not replace other methods of learning. Montessori Activities app is one of the few apps that encourage children to turn off their devices and do something else instead. It is full of ideas and is practical in a way that makes it easy to go from opening the app to putting one of the ideas into practice. You will spend much more time having fun outside of the app than you will when using it, and that is what Montessori Activities app's creators were aiming for.

What skills does it improve?

The topics that the app covers are cultures and world, everyday life, body and senses, and nature. Within these topics, children will be encouraged to develop patience, persistence with tasks, self-assessment, writing preparation, responsibility and more.

What age is it appropriate for?

Montessori Activities app is aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 7 although the activities could be built on or adapted for older children too.

Is Montessori Activities easy to use?

There is a simple but intuitive method of finding the right project for each child at the right time. Three concentric rings control the selected age, the topic, and the amount of time available for the activity. Turning these rings helps you to find something suitable with ease.

How will students benefit?

As education has moved towards a greater dependency on technology, children can miss out on the pleasure of activities away from screens. Whether they are at home or school, even children who are the most ardent lovers of computer-based learning will enjoy seeing the results of these activities or benefit from taking notice of the world around them.

As they do so, children will be learning skills that will be useful both in life and in their school-based education. They may even discover a passion that stays with them throughout their life.

How will teachers benefit?

Even the most creative teacher sometimes needs a spark to start their planning. Montessori Activities is crammed full of creative ideas to be used as they are, adapted, or combined into productive and educational projects for children. Some of these take place over just a few minutes, some last a while and others are longlasting, over multiple days.

How will parents benefit?

If parents did not have the sort of education that the Montessori method advocates, they might struggle to understand how children can benefit from it. Seeing the proposed activities, how to carry them out, and what they teach children in the clear format of Montessori Activities app, will help parents offer the benefits of this effective education method to their children.

As these activities are all done in the real world with physical items, parents will be pleased to see their child engaged in creative tasks that do not rely on screens. The material resources are either freely available or cheap to obtain meaning that parents needn't feel that there will be a further cost to using this app.

What Montessori Activities can improve on?

The experience of using Montessori Activities app is excellent and no part is obviously in need of improvement. The supporting website is quite basic. It would be nice to see some downloadable printable resources to support some of the tasks and help parents who might feel unsure of how to support their children. Such resources would also add to the feeling of value from the subscription and help potential subscribers consider the usefulness of the app.

How much does Montessori Activities cost?

Montessori Activities app is free to download with the option to take out a subscription.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

The free app, without any subscription, comes with some sample  activities to show you the sort of content that is in the app. These samples are only a tiny sliver of what is available in the full app so you can get an even better idea of the content by taking up the offer of a free 7-day subscription.

Is Montessori Activities safe to use?

There is not anything within Montessori Activities app that children could not view, but they are not the intended users of the app. Instead, it is full of ideas for parents and teachers. The suggested activities are safe when parents and teachers provide the appropriate supervision and guidance.

Overall rating of the app

As you will have seen in this Montessori Activities app review, this app succeeds in its aims. It gives teachers and parents the tools to inspire children to learn new things in new ways. The app adds new activities weekly, so there will always be something new to discover. Montessori Activities is a 5-star app.

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Are you looking to keep your kids off-screen while engaging them with learning games in an exciting way using the Montessori Method?


As parents, we are juggling between work, chores, homeschooling, & taking care of our children while keeping screen time down. Rather than create an app that keeps your child on the screen, we want to help you enable your child to grow & explore the world around them with our fully interactive Montessori app. Now you can teach at home with an assortment of games, challenges, & ways to help your child learn new skills.


We all want the best for our children. To have an abundance of learning experiences that will help shape them for success. Though, finding the right time, place, & activity for achieving this can be difficult. Maria Montessori once discovered that children learn best when their senses are fully engaged.

Introducing Montessori Activities - the off-screen app for parents that further progresses a child’s development through activities & learning games aimed at engaging their senses & helping them grow! We give you the best examples of activities & fun learning games that provide educational experiences to fit your schedule.


We want you to have fun with your kids while enhancing their lives by teaching them new skills and boosting their confidence. Our Montessori learning games provide lessons that will keep your child’s mind growing while being entertained. Montessori Activities is here for your child to learn & engage from the comforts of home. We are here to give parents an abundance of learning games to do with their kids that will help shape their future & give them everlasting memories. Whether you homeschool your child or are just looking for some additional stimulation, we provide the ultimate Montessori toolset to help your child develop.


1. You will find multiple categories that focus on all learning areas of Montessori.
2. Each category serves a purpose for different areas of development.
3. Choose your child’s age range (preschool - 3rd grade) & the time you have available.
4. We will provide examples of the best Montessori learning games along with everything you need to ensure the activity is unforgettable!


The Montessori Method is ideal for young children, specifically in the preschool to the 3rd-grade range. A perfect fit whether you practice homeschool or just looking for an education supplement. Young minds can learn at accelerated speeds & you can help teach your kids skills & lessons that they will take with them through life.


Learning games focusing on the key areas of Montessori:
- Subscriber special: New learning games added WEEKLY
- Risk free trial with our activity samples
- 4 categories: Nature, everyday life, cultures & world, body & senses
- Unlimited Access to ALL categories for just $29.99 per YEAR (50% DISCOUNT)
- Unlimited Access to ALL categories for just $4.99 per month
- Each category features fun learning activities for kids
- Multiple options for duration including 5 - 10 min, 15 – 30 min, 30 – 60 min, & 1 hr +
- Specialized for select age groups: 2-3 yrs (preschool), 4-5 yrs (kindergarten), & 6-8 yrs
- Full details for each activity including a description, what’s needed, what it encourages in the child, procedure, & more


The mind is best at a young age for growing & consuming knowledge. Montessori Activities will help further improve & sharpen your child’s learning experience. We know every child likes to learn differently, so we supply a wide range of activities for different ages, categories of interest, & duration.

Download Montessori Activities today & help your child shape their future!

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