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Monster Numbers: Math learning games and division

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About Monster Numbers: Math learning games and division

An engaging games-based app that combines game play and mathematical learning.  Children must help Tob recover parts of his spaceship, by completing levels and chapters throughout the game, in order to escape from the strange planet he has landed on.  Each games allows children to learn and practice a new mathematical skill based on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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Upon opening the app, a video tutorial takes users through the concept behind the game play: to help Tob who is trapped on a strange planet and must repair his space ship.  They must enter their age then a large green button will guide children to the game play section.  This area is represented by a large rotating planet with different skills, where children can swipe left or right to select their desired chapter (skill).  Within each chapter, is a series of individual games, some of which are simply game play, while others allow children to practice mathematical concepts.  Completing a game, unlocks subsequent games.

The game play is based around Tob and his explorations of the strange planet that he has landed on.  During the game, he must race through each level, avoiding dangers and collecting coins along the way.  New skills are helpfully and clearly introduced through the slowing of the game play and presented with on-screen instructions.  Children must copy these skills (swiping up/down) initially, and then continue to use them in order to progress through the game.  At the start of a game, when a new mathematical skill is introduced, the skill is explained to the child through a short graphical illustration where they are presented with an example question, and shown how to select the correct answer.  They can either begin the game play or repeat the instructions.  The game itself is engaging, with different levels and obstacles.  Graphics are excellent and responsive to children’s prompts.  The app claims to mix game play with mathematical exercise, although in reality it seems to segregate it: games seem to alternate between mathematical practice and game play only.  To be of real educational value, it would be nice to see mathematical concepts incorporated throughout the game.  Perhaps, answering a question in order to jump over objects or duck under obstacles would be a simple starting point.

Returning to the levelling page, children can either, select a level from the rotating planet, or can click one of the other options - Math Zone or Challenge Mode.  Challenge mode, simply focusses on the game play - a race to see how many meters Tob can travel without encountering a danger.  While Math Zone allows users to select a specific skill and play the associated game.  These skills are divided into three levels, based on children’s age.  6-7 year old skills include numbers, counting, sequences and grouping. 8-9 years old incorporates sequences, groups, additions and subtractions.  While skills for ages 10-16 are additions, subtractions, multiplication and division. 

Returning to the home page, the small red cog takes users to the settings area where they can change the language, mute the music, or change the player.  The app allows for multiple players, although each one is only identifiable by the players age rather than a name or username.

The full app is available for free on both Android and iOS.  Although it contains advertisements, it does give you an excellent and very fair way to appraise this app for yourself.  If you decide to, you can pay for a version where your child's attention to learning is not being limited by the appearance of advertisements.

Overall, the app is worth of its four star rating: a great games-based app that introduces and practices mathematical skills, whilst allowing children to play engaging games.

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  • Monster Numbers: Math learning games and divisionMonster Numbers: Math learning games and divisionMonster Numbers: Math learning games and divisionMonster Numbers: Math learning games and divisionMonster Numbers: Math learning games and division


Looking for a cool math game app to help your kids getting back into the school routine? Monster Numbers is a fun, engaging and addictive math game app designed to improve your kids math skills! Perfect for kids aged 4 to 14!!!

Monster Numbers is a cool math game app that combines fun and education. On opening the app, select your kids age and the app will adapt to your kids level.

Kids go over various level, some are pure fun and others will test your kids math skills. It is easy to play yet challenging. Just watch out, your kids might start loving math!
Designed by teachers, the game adapts to the level of your child.

Monster Numbers is the perfect combination of math learning and pure fun!

Overall … A fun math game app perfect to get your kids back into learning and school homework!

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