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About Monster Chords

Monster Chords is an app that teaches the guitar and ukulele. Monster chords provides lessons and games in order to help users gradually learn to use the chosen instrument, guitar or ukulele. Users get instant feedback about the performance while playing along with playback songs. The app also has a composer feature that lets you compose your own pieces of music to play later or to share with friends and other students.

Monster Chords Review

Monster Chords is an app for teaching beginners to play the guitar and ukulele.

What do we like about Monster Chords?

The three primary built-in games in Monster Chords: Fun with Music, which are the song-playing levels, the composition levels, and the tuning levels, are nearly as effectively explained as the videos. Though it's not fully described in the game, the goal seems to be to play the chords correctly so that monsters will assemble around the campfire.

What skills does it improve?

Monster Chords: Fun with Music helps in improving your ability to tune your instrument.

What age is it appropriate for?

Monster Chords: Fun with Music is appropriate for users above the age of 8.

Are Monster Chords free?

Monster Chords: Fun with Music is available free to download from the app store.

Are Monster Chords easy to use?

The videos quickly cover a tonne of crucial information on how to hold the instruments, how to place your hands, and how to play various chords. There is too much material provided at once. Although the videos allow you to fast-forward for 15 seconds at a time. There is an easy way to jump to important subjects such as hand positioning and tuning. 

How will students benefit?

There is a small mini-game for tuning the instrument as well as animated opening films that cover tuning, hand placement, and chords. Young players progress through a succession of levels where they must perform ever more difficult songs. They are rewarded for playing successfully by receiving stars and drawing animated creatures toward a campfire. By stringing together chord names in the "composer" mode, children can even write their own songs. If they play their composition without too many mistakes, they can submit it and make it available to other users in the public domain.

How will parents benefit?

Parents should be aware that the music-learning app Monster Chords: Fun with Music teaches children to play the guitar and ukulele on a subscription basis. Users can advance through stages by performing songs like "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "I'm a Little Teapot" after a few introductory videos show how to hold the instruments and read chord charts. Additionally, you can write your own songs and upload them to the app. Read the developer's privacy statement for information on how your (or your children's) information is gathered, used, and shared as well as any options you may have in this regard. 

What can Monster Chords improve on?

Although the intro movies have some nice material, the programme is difficult to use due to the unreliable mini-games and a lack of assistance. Furthermore, once you've watched a particular video—say, the introduction to each chord—there is no simple way to go back to it. The tuning game is timed for some reason, has glitches, and responds inconsistently.

How much do Monster Chords cost?

Monster chords are available for $1.99 per month.

Final thoughts

Families can discuss potential uses for music education apps like Monster Chords: As students learn to play a new instrument, they can use Fun with Music to organise their practice sessions. Talk about beginning with tuning, then on to practising various chords, and finally full songs.

The letters that occasionally float from the campfire and cross a dotted line indicating when to play help you know what to do. More information on the screen, such as chord diagrams and beats, would make it clearer and simpler to follow. It would also be more enjoyable for the children to play more well-known songs and to be able to measure their development more meaningfully. 

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