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About Monopoly

Monopoly is a fun and delightful classic board game to play with your friends and family. While playing the Monopoly game, collect special Monopoly cards to get money, bingo tickets, and a lot of other bonuses. Build houses and hotels to travel the world in this online Monopoly game. Monopoly app is available to download on iOS and Android device.

Monopoly Review

What we like about Monopoly

If there's any classic family board game, it's definitely Monopoly, and now you can play it right on your iPhone or iPad or Android at home.

With Monopoly, you can watch the board come to life as a beautifully animated 3D city - you can't get that with a physical board game! This version of Monopoly also comes with the basic house rules that you are already familiar with, but you can also change it up too. There are also a few different modes: Quick Mode, single-player against the AI, or even go online or offline multiplayer. You can even explore different cities with different local editions of Monopoly boards in the app.

This is the original board game with a premium experience, so no annoying ads or in-app purchases, and it also supports cross-platform play on mobile and tablet devices.

The most famous board game in the world is bound to make an appearance on our iOS board games list, don't you think? Monopoly is not only the best game to play with friends but also a titan of a title that has been in the top charts when it comes to board games.

It's a game where you have to purchase property, build hotels and houses, and make lots of money, trying to be the last one standing (without going bankrupt). It's a challenging game that can take a while to complete, but it's also tons of fun! Easily one of the best board games to see the light of day, both in physical and digital form.

Is Monopoly safe for kids?

Monopoly is family-friendly and safe for kids.

Monopoly Features

A family favorite for those who want to enjoy the board game from the comfort of their mobile phones.

The mobile version of Monopoly offers a family favorite for those who want to enjoy the board game from the comfort of their phones. Similar to the classic game of Monopoly, you move your pieces around the board in a bid to make as much money as you can. Buy and sell properties and avoid paying fines and rents.

The Android version stays true to the original game, with all the charms of the classic game included. A bonus is that it offers a lot more features that the physical board game doesn’t. For example, choose your own difficulty and play at an easy level if you’re a beginner. Turn the notch up to hard and even challenge friends online. If you fancy a game at your own pace, play against the computer.

Choose the house rules that you want to play by. Spend more time playing the game and less time arguing. Game statistics are available at any time so you can see who is winning. There’s also an option to reset them if you want to start the game over, or you can’t bear losing. The benefit of playing Monopoly on your phone is that your game stays where you left it. Pick up where you left off when it’s convenient for you. This way, one game of Monopoly never has to end.

Can you play Monopoly on iOS and Android?

Monopoly is currently available on iOS and Android. 

Our take

The iconic classic board game Monopoly is brought to life in digital form, featuring gorgeous animation and 3D imagery of the familiar Monopoly landscape. Play by yourself or with up to four family members or friends and choose offline or online mode. You can even opt to personalize your board with your own city. The game stays very true to the original game of Monopoly. It’s a modern update to a classic board game that we all know and love.

Is the Monopoly app worth it?

Yes, you must download Monopoly! Cure your boredom by downloading Monopoly today. Play at your own pace wherever you are. If you can’t get your friends together, try your luck against the computer.

Is there a better alternative?

There are no other versions of Monopoly, so this is your best bet. Similar games, such as Ludo or Guess Who are available on Android as well, but nothing beats a game of this old favorite.

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