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About Mom Maps

Whether you struggle during school holidays or any other time of the year to find somewhere fun and interesting to take your child, this iPhone and iPad app should help provide some great suggestions for your local area.

I think that this is a great idea for an app, and one that should make life a little easier for both mothers and fathers alike. The content is presented in the same way as any other travel app which provides locations to visit, with list views, map views, and much more.

If you’re stuck for somewhere to take your child then I would definitely recommend investing a few bucks into this app because you should be able to find some decent ideas without too much difficulty.

Mom Maps has been designed to utilize your device’s integrated GPS in order to provide you with a selection of suggestions for places that you can take your child within your local town or region.

There are currently 28,000 locations contained within the map spanning 28 different metro areas throughout the USA, UK, and Paris, so you’re sure to find some interesting way of spending an otherwise dull Sunday afternoon.

Looking for a great play date place? Need to find indoor fun on a rainy day or a nearby playground when you're on the road? Mom Maps (Premium) lets you tap the collective wisdom of parents everywhere to find kid-friendly fun when you need it. Search our extensive list of parks, playgrounds, restaurants, museums and indoor play areas, as well as reviews by parents, for parents. We also partner with top parent bloggers and family travel experts to bring you their top kid-friendly picks. 


  • Save and bookmark your favorite locations
  • Access multiple reviews
  • View and upload video

Plus all the features in Mom Maps Free

  • GPS – Find kid-friendly locations which are close to you, plus a map to get you there
  • View the average rating for all locations as well as the most recent review and photo
  • Submit your own ratings, reviews and photos
  • Share your favorites with friends via Facebook or email
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You can download Mom Maps on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

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